May 31, 2008

G.T. Road requires Trauma Vans and Recovery Cranes

Heavy Traffic moves on the GT Road , especially on the Jalandhar Ludhiana route. Breakdown of even a single vehicle and leads of traffic congestion and inconvenience.

There should be network of recovery vans stationed at convenient locations for quick removal of standard vehicles . Similarly, Trauma Vans ( Ambulances ) should also be provided with Para- Medics for the safety and immediate medical care of the motorists .

Such charges may be debited to the HUGE amounts collected by TOLL BARRIERS.

Jalanhar Jammu Traffic--Try Mukerian Kathlore- Kathua Route

Jalandhar Pathankot road is one of the busiest roads in India, linking Jammu and Kashmir among others. Pilgrims from all over the country flock to Vaishno Devi( Trikuta Hills, Jammu ) in Tata Sumos and Qualis Vans .
But the 4 laning of this vital road has been completed only on the Jalandhar- Bhogpur (25 Km)segment. It appears that from Bhogpur onwards to Pathankot work is not progressing.
It is urgently required that the remaining section, is also completed , without any delay. Bhogpur to Mukerian is most Accident Prone. Although there are High Patrol Units have been stationed . Ambulances/ Trauma Vans are urgently required.
Pending the competition of Bhogpur Pathankot section, some sort of Speed Limit should be strictly implemented.
At night Head Lamps work without dipper. This causes deadly blindness to on coming traffic. Traffic Police should strictly implement Dipper Use at night.
Motorists to Jammu should be encouraged to take the Mukerian- Dina Nagar - Kathlore route so that Pathankot is by passed and Highway decongested.
Govt. should put Jalandhar Pathankot Highway upgradation on the top of its priority list.

May 30, 2008

CBSE Rsults ; Careers Choice : Further Studies

School leaving Exams Results season is on . CBSE results have shown that , year after year ,girl students are out performing boys .

Students should very carefully choose the stream of subjects for further studies . It is better to go in for science subjects as one can always switch from Sciences to Arts at any stage but not vice - versa . Also , Mathematics should be taken up as a subject where ever possible . Expert guidance should be taken . Good colleges should be targeted for admission but never sacrifice a course for the sake of an institution .

Colleges have ,also started their admission season . We wish all students a very satisfatory course of Higher Studies.

May 29, 2008

Multiple Marriages by NRI s

Punjabi society is facing a grave social disaster of young girls being married off to NRIs on the pretext of settling them abroad for better economic prospects.

Many NRI grooms are middle aged and going in for multiple marriages . Many are looking for docile domestic helps .First wife is prevailed up on to accept the second co-wife as a free " Naukarani ". Such subsequent " brides " live a life of servitude and degradion in foreign lands.

We welcome the initiative taken by Palwinder Singh
Gill ,president , Candian Marriage Fraud Victims Society , who has been instrumental in moblising public opinion as well as pressing upon Canadian authorities to crack down on phoney marriages . Gill said special fraud squads have been formed. We appeal to Gill to put such cases on the Internet .

Other countries , especially , U.K. should ,also institute Vigilante Committees to check marriage frauds among NRIs .

Indian Govt. should prescribed stringent rules for registration of such phoney NRI marriges. Exemplary action should be taken against those who lure young Indian girls to slavery in the name of marriage .

Punjab Govt. should , also , come forward to stop the immigration of young Punjabi girls as because of the un favourable sex ratio , there already is a grave shortage of brides for resident Punjabis .


This Online Service is provided by the National Commission for Women (NCW) to register online complaints/ grievances against Non-Resident Indians (NRI) regarding domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, deprivation, gender discrimination, sexual harassment at work place, etc. The complainants/ users can register/ lodge their complaints by filling an Online Form wherein they are required to provide details of the Complainant; Details of the Victim including Victims current address; Respondents details including current address and address in India; & the Complaint details including the date of incident; complaint type and the brief/ gist of the complaint, to facilitate further action by the Commission.


Government of India is taking strict action against fraudulent Marriages by Non Resident Indians who indulge in multiple / holiday marriages with  Indian girls.

Register such cases with :-

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
National Comission for Women

Fraudulent Marriages Victims Please click   ;-


Deputy CM Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal , taking serous note of the Fraudulent NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) Marriages ( Multiple Marriages , Holiday / Pleasure Marriages , Sexual Slavery including Forced into Prostitution Abroad ,Desertion of so called Wives and Their Children ) has started a Helpline

The Telephone Number of this Helpline is :-

0181 - 2221645


Also click :-

May 28, 2008

Do Not Feed Dead Animals to Stray Dogs

Dog Lovers have voiced their concern at the use of dogs , especially in the villages , to clear animal carcasses of flesh after these carcasses are skinned for their hides .

In the rural areas , carcass dumps, identifiable by their foul smell ("HADDA ROR" in Punjabi ). Earlier vultures would strip clean the bones and fly away. After vultures have been driven to extinction , this dirty job of stripping of raw flesh from the carcasses has been given to stray dogs .

Dogs who have identified with men like the English letter "U" with "Q" since man was a nomadic hunter living in caves . Dogs are more than man's pets . They are man 's companions .

After getting used to eating raw flesh from HADDA ROR, such dogs , if starving, can attack other weak animals or human beings . If such a behaviour change occurs in dogs , it has been pointed out, the blame lies entirely on humans , who after driving vultures to extinction have brought their unsuspecting and trusting friends to do the vultures' job.

Dog lovers warn that this is a very dangerous practice for men and , especially , for dogs.

Dogs have been man's friend since man lived in caves and hunted in jungles . Dogs would sniff the trail of the escaping hunted animal and man would gratefully give him a share of the catch .

There should not be any cruelty while dealing with dogs , especially stray dogs .

May 27, 2008

NRI Sabha launches Website

NRI Sabha lauched its website :-

Sabha president , Kamaljeet Singh Hayer informed that special cells like grievances , liaison , media , publicity / publication , youth , cultural affairs , Heritage and Women's wing have been formed to solve the problems of NRIs

Local Bus Service for Jalandhar-Very Soon

According to Kulvinder Singh , SE ( B & R ), Municipal Corporation , Jalandhar , local bus service would start very soon by The Jalandhar City Transport Service Ltd. , to be run by Municipal Corporation . Initially , there would be 4 routes :-

Rama Mandi-Maqsudan
Rama Mandi-Jalandhar Railway Station
Rama Mandi- Kapurthala Road
Bus Stand- Butan Mandi ( Nakodar Road )

Bus depot for parking and service of these local buses has been constructed at Fodder Market on the Hoshiarpur Road . 153 Bus shelters have been constructed along the operating routes . To track the performance of the buses they would be equipped by GPS system . Buses would have low surface entry doors for the convenience of the old and infirm. Initially , 16 buses are being run. Each bus would have a capacity of 70 passengers.

Bus tickets would cost Rs. 5 per 5 or less kilometres and Rs.10 for 5 to 10 kilometres .

May 26, 2008

Panchayat Elections- Today

Panchayat elections were held to day in villages of Punjab . To-day was a holiday for all schools , banks , courts and Govt. offices. Candidates are being supported by important political parties .

Villages of Jalandhar have attained nearly all urban like facilities except sewerage and drinking water . Govt. should provide all civic facilities , including an efficient local public transport system ,incuding local DEMU trains so that people continue to reside in villages while working in cities .

Village level Lok Adalats should be regularly held , with active participation of Panchayat members so that pendency of civil cases is reduced.

May 25, 2008

Unmanned Railway Crossings

With phenomenal increase in number of fast moving vehicles, increasing commuters and heavy construction activity ( including unauthorized ) near railway tracks has led to a sad spurt in accidents at unmanned Railway Crossings. There should be clear view of railway track from approaching roads with all unauthorized buildings demolished.

As Railways cannot provide manned points at all crossings, blinkers/hooters as operating in U.S.A. and other countries should be provided. All lives of vehicle passengers are valuable and so is the property and time schedules of Indian Railways.

School Results Season

Boards like Punjab School Education Board , CBSE and ICSE are coming out with results . In case of PSEB , students form queues at Book Stalls which have procured Gazettes . Others look up at Internet sites .

Students are busy choosing their future stream . Many Govt. School students wish to take up Science subjects . But many Govt. schools provide only Arts subject at Senior Secondary level.

Students should take up sciences and , if possible, with Mathematics. A science student can switch over to Arts at any stage but not vice versa .
Girls ,universally, are doing better than boys.

May 24, 2008

Jalandhar 's Local Train Network

All big cities require an efficient public transport system , be it local trains , local buses or Metro . Jalandhar lacks a local bus network . There is some talk of a Metro system which would take a lot of money and time to complete . However , Jalandhar is singularly blessed with an existing web of railway lines , which can be , with a little innovation and political will , developed into a convenient and workable local train network.

Six railway lines namely , Amritsar , Ludhiana , Jammu , Hoshiarpur , Ferozepur and Nakodar , pass through Jalandhar. These railway lines cover important parts of Jalandhar. With the advent of DEMU and EMU trains , Suburban Halts ( like in Mumbai ) can be set up at convenient places to help commuters of Jalandhar .

Local trains can start from Kartarpur ( Amritsar Line ) , Suchi Pind ( Pathankot Line ) , Phagwara ( Ludhiana Line ), Bolina ( Hoshiarpur Line ) Urban Estate/ Garha (Nakodar Line ) and Kapurthala ( Ferozepur Line ) . They would all converge at Jalandhar City Railway Station , at local train dedicated platforms . From Jalanhar City Main Railway Station these trains can return to to their originating station ( like a shuttle service ) .

From Jalandhar City Railway Station , a commuter can switch local trains to complete his journey. Example , a student living in Urban Estate and studying in Lovely Technical University , Chehru , can first take the Nakodar line train to Jalandhar Station . From there he can change to the returning Phagwara Local train .

No substantial capital investment is required and the Jalandhar Local Train network can start operations with in months of approval .

To begin with ,on the Nakodar line ,trains should HALT at Urban Estate(Garha.) .The now, decommissioned Garha Sewerage Disposal Site can be developed as an excellent local railway station.

May 23, 2008

Centurion Bank of Punjab is ,now , HDFC Bank

W.e.f. 23-05-08 ,all branches of Centurion Bank of Punjab have become branches of HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is one of India's largest private Banks . It is some sort of a Multinational Bank with large holding of Morgan- Chase Group of U.S.A. in this bank .

Bank of Punjab was eastablished by the legendary Sikh banker , Inderjit Singh , former Chairman of Punjab & Sind Bank.

Centurion Bank , Bank of Punjab and Lord Krishna Bank had earlier merged over a period of time . HDFC Bank had earlier taken over Times Bank ( Bennett Coleman Group ).

HDFC Bank , now , has one of the largest number of Branches in Jalandhar.
photos by Gopal
Branch at Urban Estate, Phase-I, Jalandhar-City

Jalandhar--Nakodar Railway Line

The Branch Jalandhar-Nakodar railway line has some features( now forgotten )associated with its past. During First World War(1914-1918) Jalandhar Cantt was an important British Military outpost both for men and material. Railways were the most important means of transport(especially long route).So the Britishers extended a railway line to Jalandhar Cantt This Jalandhar Cantt. line branched out from the Jalandhar - Nakodar line at point of present day Punjab Avenue Unmanned Railway Crossing( near now decommissioned Brick Kiln ).From here to the site of Subji Mandi and onward to
Cantt. After the track was dismantled, it was converted to present day road on the same alignment.

Another poignant memory connected with Jalandhar- Nakodar Railway line is with the violent times of 1947 when India was divided along communal lines . At that time Garha was an important village of Jalandhar,with equal number of Majority and the now Minority communities. But for no fault of theirs, some people were forced to leave for Pakistan. During those shameful times of violence and insanity, a train would come on the Nakodar Line near " Ganda Nullah Railway Phatak" ( the now decommissioned Garha Disposal )Railway Crossing to take migrants to the newly created Pakistan . At that time, the now posh colony of Urban Estate Phase One, was agriculture fields sandwitched between Village Garha and Nakodar Railway Line. Hapless people would dart out, without any Govt protection, from Garha carrying their valuales. Their goal was to reach safety of the standing train. Mobsters and looters would lie in ambush . The mute agricultural fields were witness to the deadly game of senseless loot and killing and the supreme tragedy associated with India's Independence.

May 22, 2008

Death Trap Hole at Cool Road ( Urban Estate Phase Two )

Cool Road Extension in Urban Estate Phase Two,( Near decomissioned Disposal Pumping Station )is , no doubt , under construction . But it is being used frequently by people .

This road has a gaping hole which leads to a deep underground sewerage pipe . This is a virtual death trap . This road has no lights .

Till this hole is repaired , this part of the road should be closed to all traffic .Temporary walls blocking the road ends should be put up.

22-05-08_1744 22-05-08_1743 22-05-08_1745 22-05-08_1746 22-05-08_1748 22-05-08_1747

Start Medical College Hospital Immediately

Doctors' Strike in Jalandhar has entered its second day . We do appreciate doctors' concern against vandalism and manhandling .Strict action should be taken against the culprits.

But what about the hapless and ordinary Non- VIP public which is made to suffer for no fault of theirs. Medical care is required , many times ,on urgent basis . It may mean ife and death for a serious patient . Doctors have a special responsibility.

Concerned Citizens have demanded that the Hospital of Medical College , Garha Road , ( Ganna Farm) be started immediately . Paramedics and retired medical officers be recruited on an emergency basis. Bare minimum medical care can start in the premesis immediately.

When the building is ready , we fail to understand why medical facilities have been delayed at Medical College Hospital.

May 21, 2008

Medical Services Paralysed

Lightening Strike by Doctors of Jalandhar has resulted in near total stoppge of medical services in Jalandhar . Doctors are protesting against manhandling of doctors and vandalism indulged in by relatives etc. of a patient after he expired at a private nursing home.

Patients especially emergency cases were put to great hardship .

Mai Hiran Gate---College Road of Jalandhar

Mai Hiran Gate is to Jalandhar what College Street is to Kolkata, the Centre for books of all kinds especially educational.

Although there is no gate existing, the original gate was constructed by the ruler of Kapurthala princely state in the memory of Mai Hiran, a loyal and brave lady of Royal Household Who at the time of the death of Maharaja Jagjit Sigh, brought royal princes to Jalandhar , to save them from any harm.

The localities of Charanjitpura, Bikrampura, Ranjitpura are named after the princes of Kapurthala

Jullundur---Jalandhar Changing Fast--Very Fast

Jalandhar, like other prosperous cities of Punjab, is changing fast.Too fast for some
old timers to digest. Time was when for a romantic outing, Cinema Houses (Talkies) were sought after. Real estate boom and video-CD technology has forced the closure of old favorite cinema houses like ODEON (near Mai Hiran Gate), HARI PALACE
(near Bhagat Singh Chowk and Punj Peer Chowk) and CINE PAYAL (Nakodar Road).
SUTLEJ CINEMA (near Bus Stand)and PRITAM CINEMA in Basti Sheikh have, also, closed down.

COMPANY BAGH (named aftre the East India Company) was, in earlier time, heavily wooded,a favourite hideout for poets, romantics and all others seeking secrecy and solace. Over the period of time, its trees have thinned out. One land mark on its periphery (G.P.O. side) was the KAISER-E-HIND (Kesar Hind in popular parlance) CLUB, a very prestigious Club of pre-independence times (it has been relocated to Sehdev market). In its place came up CLOCK TOWER RESTAURANT. Sadly Clock Tower's like cinema houses became obsolete. Even this restaurant closed down.

Different Addas, for bus services like ADDA HOSHIARPUR, ADDA TANDA and ADDA BASTIYAN
have now become exotic names of busy commercial hubs. These days all bus services
start from the Main Bus Stand.

EKEHRI (meaning only one) PULLI and DOMORIA (meaning two sided) PULLI, the main under bridge linkage points on both sides of the railway line, are bidding their time till the modern fly over is inaugurated.

May 20, 2008

Nurmahal Serai ( Sarai )Mughal Historical Hunting Lodge- Cum - Serai at Nurmahal-Big Game Hunting

Main Gate ; Front Side ( Facing Nakodar )

View of Main Gate From Inside of Serai

A Chhajja on side of Gate
Beautiful statues of elephants supporting the platform

Front Gate- Side Extension ( Security Observation Posts)

Front Gate side
Symmetrical stone carvings

Upper Part With V.I.P. Chhajja on Top Centre

Inscription in Persian Below The Chhajja

Big Game Hunting Scene Blocks ( Front Gate)

Hunters On Elephants

Front Gate- Message in Persian Script

Hunting Scenes ( Note How One Hunter Is On Ground In front of Elephant )

Long Passage Between Two Gate System ( On Sides Elephant Mounting Platforms )

In side Serai Compound --A Fountain ?

Barrack Rooms ? Back Side Of Main Gate

Arched Ceiling Front Gate Inner Structure

Three Gate Arches of Front Gate. The Outer Highly Decorative Side May Have Been a Later Addition

Inside Serai A V.I.P.Building

View Of Back Gate From Inside

V.I.P. Building Inside Serai Compound

Back Gate ( Phillaur Side ) View From Inside Serai

Arched Verandas On Insides Of Serai Walls

View of Main Gate ( Inside of Serai ) from Back Gate ( Phillaur Side )

Damaged Back Gate ( Facing Phillaur )

Annexe ? of V.I.P. Building

Magnificient V.I.P. Building ( With a Poool and Water Channels )

Well ( Khoo ) Inside Serai

Well ( Khoo ) For Water Supply

V.I.P. Building ( Side View )

View of Nurmahal Town From Front Gate Facing Nakodar

Sign Board

Front Gate

Front Gate Ceiling ( With Holed Slab Hinge For Holding Massive Gate Doors)

Visitors' Cars
These photos are part of Nurmahal_Sarai by Gopal Aggarwal

Caravanserai at the historical town of Nurmahal (20 kilometres from Jalandhar)provides an excellent insight into various aspects of Mughal life and culture , particularly architecture , wildlife found in the surrounding area and hunting techniques deployed by the Royalty.

Nurmahal (meaning Light of the Palace) is named after the famous Queen of Emperor Jehangir. Empress Nurmahal was later given the title of Nurjahan (Light of the
Universe), probably a palace promotion of sorts. Empress Nurmahal (or Nurjahan) was an accomplished horse-rider and a keen hunter of big game.

Town Nurmahal and its surrounding wild lands was one of her favorite resting place and hunting ground whenever the Mughal Emperor's Durbar moved from Delhi/Agra to Kashmir or vice-versa.

The entrance complex of the Serai has double gates. A front gate and a back gate, somewhat like we have in prisons for security reasons. At any given time, only one gate was open. In the space between the two gates, there are staircases on each side, for mounting the "Howdah" of the elephants.

Elephants, in fact are the dominant feature depicted at the gate, both in the sculpture and in the intricate inscriptions. This shows the central role elephants played in the daily lives of the Royalty of those days.

The inscriptions decorating the front gate give graphic details of the surrounding wildlife in those days (this wlldlife has sadly vanished over the last three to four hundred years).

A unique and rare inscription vividly depicts the elaborate technique employed in the hunting of the great India rhinoceros. This was a team effort- the first hunter would attack from the front on the top side of the rhino forcing the animal to lift its head. This would enable the second hunter to get down at the neck of the rhino to fatally wound the rhino at its vulnerable neck area (where the enormous armour of rhino is probably missing). Sadly, these days the great Indian rhino has been pushed to the confines of jungles of Kaziranga National Park, Assam and Chitvan Park, Nepal.

Nurmahal is a must for reliving those glorious Mughal times and the abundant wildlife and hunting which took place in this area some three to four hundred years back.

Nurmahal serai was equally popular with the traders who moved along this route between Delhi-Agra and North and North-Western parts of India (to Lahore, Sialkot, Peshawar and Kashmir). The current G.T. Road from Ludhiana (then known as Lodhi-ana) was realigned probably under the British times. This serai like most of the serais of those times is built like fortress with walls and fortification of all sides. The inside of the serai provides extensive remains if the activities that went on during those times. There are numerous rooms on all sides. Large well to provide fresh water and open space where animals, carts could be stationed. Some important buldings inside the compound stand out among the ordinary rooms.