May 31, 2013

Jalandhar Traders to Oppose Govt.High Handedness

A meeting of Electronic Traders Welfare Society was held in Jalandhar. 

President Gurmit Singh Bittu  and  Vice President Baljit Singh Ahluwalia  expressed anguish over the Govt. / Bureaucracy 's anti trader policies.

Govt. in its desperation to raise funds is setting up unrealistic targets for tax collections.

This step motherly approach towards traders is unacceptable  when it is only the traders who contribute to the state Govt.'s revenues.


May 30, 2013

CBSE - X Results Today

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There is lot of excitement in Jalandhae Schools.

May 29, 2013

Tarun Aggarwal Topper CJS Public School Jalandhar

Tarun Aggarwal has done Jalandhar proud by securing 94 : 2 % - Commerce Stream 

Tarun has topped  his CJS Public School , Jalandhar.

In India Tribals Are Like Physically Handicapped - Both Dumped

Maoism and such like anti State movements represent , basically , the failure of Democracy in India.
Theoretically , in a democratic set up , if any section of our society has any grievance , then the elected Representatives should address the issues.

But , in reality , our MP s / MLA s are not sensitive to the aspirations of the electorate , not for at least the first 4 years 6 months of their getting elected. Even then they work out a clever formula of Vote Bank combinations in which the targeted Vote Banks get state funded freebies and other benefits. But the Non Vote Banks are , not only ignored but even made to foot the bill for the benefits given to the Vote Banks.

So , there is no one who would listen to the concerns of the Non Vote Banks. Which doors to knock?

Behind their closed doors , there is only noise and din of Adjournments , Walkouts , Freebies / Subsidies for Rich Farmers , Reservations in promotions , OBC Quota for the Creamy Layer, Banning FDI in Retail etc etc.
Example , even in a developed state like Punjab Vote Bank ( rich Farmers ) get Rs. 8500 crore worth of annual Free Electricity , Diesel cheapest in India , Petrol ( used by the common Man or Non Vote Banks ) Rs. 8 Per Liter more expensive than in neighboring Haryana . But not a single Paisa relief to the Physically Handicapped

Why ? Because Physically Handicapped are no Party's Vote Bank. 

They do not count in the Election Algebra .

Tribals of India are just like the Physically Handicapped Indians .

( Even in Reservations for SC / ST the same family goes on monopolising the benefit generation after generation . They have no qualms about denying the Reservation benefit to the truly deserving in their own community )

Where do the underprivileged / oppressed go in India ?

May 28, 2013

CBSE XII Jalandhar Students Do Very Well

Some of Jalandhar Toppers

Anurag Batra APJ School Mahavir Marg , Jalandhar - Commerce 485 Marks

Shelley -Lala Jagat Narain DAV Model School, Jalandhar - 97 %

Somali Vij -Police DAV Public School  , Jalandhar - Commerce -96:2%

Kritika -Dayanand Model Senior Secondary School, Commerce- 95:4%

( List Incomplete )

May 27, 2013

Give Merit Due Respect : Charanjit Singh Channi : Chairman CT Group

Charanjit Singh Channi , Chairman of the renowned CT Group of Educational Institutes , Jalandhar , said if Merit was given proper consideration in India then India would progress 5 times faster.

May 24, 2013

Jatts in Golmaal show timings in Jalandhar


10:00‎  ‎11:20am‎  ‎12:55‎  ‎3:50‎  ‎6:45‎  ‎9:40‎  ‎10:55pm‎
Opp. Transport Nagar, Jalandhar Amritsar Bypass Road, Jalandhar
9:30am‎  ‎12:15‎  ‎5:50‎  ‎8:40pm‎

10:15am‎  ‎12:40‎  ‎2:30‎  ‎3:10‎  ‎5:40‎  ‎6:50‎  ‎8:10‎  ‎9:30pm‎

Arya Babbar Mixes With Fans in Jalandhar Movie Show

Arya Babbar and other star cast of the Punjabi movie " Jatts in Golmaal " joined fans in a Jalandhar Movie show at a Mall.

Arya Babbar , also , danced near the Screen , to the tune of a song of the film 

Arya Babbar s son of renowned actor Raj Babbar.


Jatts in Golmaal show timings in Jalandhar



10:00‎  ‎11:20am‎  ‎12:55‎  ‎3:50‎  ‎6:45‎  ‎9:40‎  ‎10:55pm‎
Opp. Transport Nagar, Jalandhar Amritsar Bypass Road, Jalandhar
9:30am‎  ‎12:15‎  ‎5:50‎  ‎8:40pm‎

10:15am‎  ‎12:40‎  ‎2:30‎  ‎3:10‎  ‎5:40‎  ‎6:50‎  ‎8:10‎  ‎9:30pm‎

For Free Guidance on Construction of Houses- Call Ambuja Cement Engineers

For Ambuja cement Engineers' Guidance


1800 - 209 -8898

Severe Heat Wave- Govt. School Timings Changed in Punjab

All Government schools in Punjab would , now , be conducted from 3 AM to 12 :15 Noon.

Jalandhar and surrounding areas have been experiencing a severe heat wave.

May 23, 2013

Mass Marriages Function in Adampur ( Jalandhar ) on 26-05-13

Chairman , Jaycees Club Adampur , JC Jagdish Pal Aggarwal and JC Jagmohan Arora have informed that Third Mass Marriage function -" Mangal Bela " would be held on Sunday ,26-05-13 at Maharaja Palace, HaripurRoad, Adampur ( Jalandhar ).

Pawan Kumar Tinu ,   the chief guest , would , also , bless the newly married couples. 

PSEB 12 th Class Results-Pinky First in Jalandhar in Arts Stream

Pinky of Devi Sahai Girls Senior Secondary School Jalandhar  has stood First in Arts by scoring  92 :44  5 marks.

Pinky 's rank is 20 th in Punjab.

Well done Pinky.

Monika with 89% and Navdeep with 87% were placed second and Third in the School . 

Dera Kanha Dhesian - Birth Anniversary Congregation - 24 th to 26 May 2013

107 th Birth Anniversary of Sant Baba Trilok Singh would be celebrated at Dera Kanha Dhesian , Goraya ( near Jalandhar ) by holding a  Special Three  Day ( from 24-05-13 to 26-05-13 ) Congregation  of devotees   .

Highlight of 24 -05-13 would be devotional songs by renowned Sufi singers Satinder Sartaj and Nooran .


May 22, 2013

Shree Sham Baba Khatu Mela a Jalandhar Cantt till 26-05-13

42 nd Mela is being held at Jalandhar Cantt . It will continue till 26-05-13. 

Pir Baba Lakh Daata Mela Held at Goraya ( Jalandhar )

Chief Sewadar Sai Lachhman Dass organised the Annual Mela of Baba Lakh Daata Darbar at Goraya ( Jalandhar )

May 21, 2013

Jaskaran Singh Head Boy , Mankiran Head Girl-Manav Sehyog School Shahpur ( Jalandhar )

Principal Rajni Sharma gave her best wishes to the Student Office Bearers ( academic session 2013-14 )

Amrit Pal Head Boy ,Gurnoor Head Girl -Innocent Hearts , Lohara ( Jalandhar )

For Academic Session 2013-14 .

For the Academic Session 2013-14 , Student Office Bearers were announced .


Child Death at Sutlej Bridge GT Road Phillaur- Give One Day Toll Collection as Compensation

There has been a demand that that Toll Plaza Authorities should give One Day 's Collection or Rs. 1 crore as compensation to the bereaved family of the  child who fell into the Sutlej River at Phillaur ( Jalandhar - Ludhiana GT Road ) .

The Toll Plaza authorities did not repair the pavement on the Older of the Twin Bridges.

Massive  staff force is deployed by the Toll Plaza to collect Toll from Non VIP motorists( including Physically Handicapped Motorists ). VIP s are given Free Super Passage.

But not undertaking  simple repairs of Pavements ( costing a few thousand Rupees ) has cost the life of an innocent Child.

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Sutlej Bridge GT Road Phillaur Toll Plaza- Closure Demanded

Dharna Planned for Demanding Closure of Sutlej Bridge -GT Road - Phillaur on the Jalandhar - Ludhiana Highway.

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Damaged Sutlej Bridge -Phillaur - Child Killed- Why Toll Tax Then ??

It is the most cruel exploitation that  whereas Crores are being collected daily from ordinary motorist at Phillaur Sutlej Bridge Toll Tax Barrier but the Sutlej Bridge ( Older Bridge- Jalandhar- Ludhiana Direction ) has not been repaired.

This has cost the life of a child who fell into the River from the damaged pavement.

The pavement was not repaired by the Toll Collecting authorities.

It means that the authorities are only interested in collecting exorbitant Tolls from Non VIP motorists.

But the amount is not spent on repairs of the Bridge. 

Another Massive Hike Toll Plaza ( Sutlej Bridge ) Phillaur - From 01-09-12

It is adding insult to injury for the common  man in Punjab . Already Punjabis are paying nearly Rs. 8 Per Litre extra for Petrol than the rate in neighbouring Haryana. When Punjabis were demanding relief from high Petrol prices , what they have instead got is a massive increase in Toll Tax rate ( to Rs. 102 for cars - one side ), at Toll Plaza at ( Sutlej Bridge ) Phillaur ( Jalandhar - Ludhiana ) GT Road.

Few years ago the Toll Plaza was Rs. 5

This is the fifth times rates have been increased by Toll Plaza  ; 


Highway Toll Plazas - End The Cult of VIP ism

In Independent India there are no VIP Indians or Non VIP Indians but only one Category i.e. INDIANS.

No where is this pernicious Cult of VIP ism more in play  than at Toll Tax Plazas where they have a separate VIP Passage where so called the privileged take a QUICK AND FREE passage where as the under privileged are made to wait and pay.
  Every one deeply regrets the incident at Shambhu ( Ambala - Rajpura GT Road ) barrier. After all employees do only what they are told to do.

But the Mushrooming Toll Plazas have made the ordinary motorists extremely unhappy.

The VIP passage should be open only for Police / Army and ambulances. The rest should join the.queues and feel proud to be with the Common Indians and not a Class above them.

The long lists of those Exempted should be cut drastically. It is stated that President of India is exempted. Well Presidents have and rightly so special planes and they do not use Highways.

In the Long Exempted List why are Physically Handicapped Car Travelers not included ? Why So. ?

Small cars like Maruti 800 and Nano cars should be exempted from paying Toll Tax .

Presently a Nano car is made to pay the same amount as a BMW

May 14, 2009

Sutlej Bridge ( G.T. Road ) Toll Tax- Citizens Resent Massive Hike

Vehicle users travelling between Jalandhar and Ludhiana, especially users of Jalandhar are extremely upset over the massive rise in the Toll Tax rates being levied at Sutlej Bridge on the G.T. Road, at Phillaur ( Jalandhar ). Ostensibly this is to raise finances for lane expansion. But a vehicle user already pays the following dues ( all under the garb of road construction / maintenance ):-

(1 ) VAT ( central exice, State Sales Tax etc ) on vehicles

( 2 ) Octroi ( is some states )

( 3 ) Road Tax at the time of Registration ( 10- 15 years , in advance )

( 4 ) Road tax cess on petrol / diesel

Still, Govt. levies massive Toll Tax on ordinary Non-VIP Indians. 

People ask the following questions:-

Why are so called "VIPs" exempted ?

Blaring hooters and red beacons, these "VIPs" treat other vehicle owners with contempt at the Toll barriers and attempt a priority and quick passage at the expense of ordinary peace loving citizens. This would not be so if every vehicle is treated at par and pays toll tax.

No ambulances or pick up vans are provided on the Toll roads for the vehicle users .

Whereas handicapped and senior citizens have to pay toll taxes, VIP pay nothing.

This discriminatory and exploitative mindset of the authorities is very bad .

People demand that this discrimination between VIPs and Non-VIPs end and "Handicapped / Senior Citizens " be exempted from paying Toll Tax.

Toll Tax rate hike be rolled back

Proper facilities be provided.

Accounts of income / expenditure be published

Private Contractor-ship be ended.

May 20, 2013

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation Holds Blood Donation Camp

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation held a Blood Donation Camp at Nirankari Bhawan , Rihana Jattan ( Phagwara- Hoshiarpur Road )  near Jalandhar.

 Zonal In charge HS Chawla inaugurated the Blood Donation Camp.

Branch In charge Narendra Psl and Regional In charge Darshan Lal were among the many prominent personalities present on the occasion.

Jalandhar in Grip of Severe Heat Wave

Jalandhar and surrounding areas are in the grip of a heavy heat wave.

The day temperature has been touching 46 o C .

Damaged Sutlej Bridge -Phillaur - Child Killed- Why Toll Tax Then ??

It is the most cruel exploitation that  whereas Crores are being collected daily from ordinary motorist at Phillaur Sutlej Bridge Toll Tax Barrier but the Sutlej Bridge ( Older Bridge- Jalandhar- Ludhiana Direction ) has not been repaired.

This has cost the life of a child who fell into the River from the damaged pavement.

The pavement was not repaired by the Toll Collecting authorities.

It means that the authorities are only interested in collecting exorbitant Tolls from Non VIP motorists. 

But the amount is not spent on repairs of the Bridge. 

IPL -6 -Betting in Jalandhar - Suicides

Betting on IPL-6 Cricket matches has been taking place in Jalandhar also.

There have been a couple of suicides by those punters who lost heavily in these  bets.

May 17, 2013

OBC Reservation Quota - Creamy Layer to Corner All Benefits - Deserving to be Left Out

Govt. has raised the Eligibility Criterion for Reservation Benefit for OBC  ( Other Backward Castes ) to parental income of Rs. 6 Lakh per Annum i.e. Rs. 50,000 Per Month.

This is a Backdoor permission to all OBC candidates to become eligible as the threshold limit is very high.

This move is a negative development for the really deserving cases within the OBC community . These deserving candidates would  lose to those from such families who have already taken the benefit of Reservation and are now not in any way " Backward "

This is a Political move and would go against the Poor and Under privileged OBC candidates.

What is the logic behind the same family going on taking the Reservation benefit generation after generation ( Dr. Ambedkar had provide for Reservations for only 25 years ()

If a candidate,s parents studied in St. Stephen;'s College , AIIMS , IIT etc etc , where is the logic in his taking the Reservation Benefit.

Every case of a Creamy Layer candidate taking the Reservation means that he is denying a Desrving Case from within his own community.

They should do some introspection.

Earlier we  had a Manu Mandated order of Privileged Castes BASED OF BIRTH.Now , we have another Govt. mandated set  BASED AGAIN ON BIRTH . 

Jalandhar Thinkers

Lovely Professional University ( LPU ) Old Students Get Together - 20-05-13

Alumni Meet 

For All LPU and LI Students -2 003 Batch Onwards


Monday 20-05-13

Please register at:-

email :-

Tel :-

01824- 406659

President in Jalandhar on 20-05-13 - LPU Convocation

It is a matter of great pride for Jalandhar that President of India , Sh. Pranab Mukherjee , would be the Chief Guest at Lovely Professional University ( LPU - Jalandhat 's ) Convocation.

For more information ,please visit :-


Alumni Meet 

For All LPU and LI Students -2 003 Batch Onwards


Monday 20-05-13

Please register at:-

email :-

Tel :-

01824- 406659

May 12, 2013

Toll Plazas -Stop Closing Lanes For Super Passage of Politicians etc

Already there is a VIP lane reserved for Free and Quick Passage of Politicians etc at  the Highway Toll Plazas.

To allow for Super Passage at these Toll Plazas , some Politicians send directions to these Toll Plazas to close some Lanes for Super Passage of their large  number of Cars. Toll Plazas meekly close some Lanes , much before  the Passage of the cars of these VIP s.

This closure of Lanes causes great inconvenience to ordinary motorists because of congestion in the reduced Lanes reaming operational for Non VIP s. 

Mothers' Day - 12 th May 2013 -Celebrated in Jalandhar

Mothers are Gods

Ae Maa Teri Surat Se Alag,bhagwan ki surat kya hogi.

Please click here for this Memorable  Hindi Film Song :-

May 11, 2013

Mazar Kutub Shah GT Road Jalandhar Structure Removed

Mazar Qutub Shah ( Near Rama Mandi Chowk ) G.T Road Jalandhar Cantt structure has been removed in the recent past.

The action was taken after Court orders.

The work of six laning  of GT Road is underway.

Waqf Board Takes Possession of 7 Shops Near Central Town Jalandhar

Following Hon'ble Supreme Court of India , Waqf Board Jalandhar took possession of 7 shops near Central Town ( Kumahara Wali Masjid area ) Jalandhar.

There was heavy presence of Police to ensure that there was no untoward incident. 

Kala Sanghia Drain - Strict Govt Orders to Polluting Units

Jalandhar Police Takes Action Against Travel Agents Preparing University Fake Degreess

Division No. 7 's SHO Som Nath informed that action has been taken against a Travel Agent Company whose office is near the Bus Stand Jalandhar.

This Travel Agent / Immigration company was preparing fake Degrees of Guru Nanak Dev University , Amritsar and Panjab University , Chandigarh .

May 10, 2013

Happy Akshay Tritiya - Monday , 13 - 05- 2013

Chinese Names ----- !!!!

`Names of Chinese can be very challenging. 

Consider this :-

Chu Teh   pronounced [t?u´ t??]; 1 December 1886 – 6 July 1976) was a Chinese general, politician, revolutionary, and one of the pioneers of the Chinese Communist Party. 

After the founding of the People`s Republic of China, in 1955 Chu Teh became one of the Ten Marshals of the People`s Liberation Army, of which he is regarded as the founder.``

Lord Parshuram Shobha Yatra in Jalandhar on 11-05-13

Pt. Kewal Krishan Sharma informed that the Religious Procession would commence from Shri Ram Chowk , Jalandhar at 5 PM .

Free Dental and Gynae Camp -Saturday - 11-05-13 , Basti Guzan Jalandhar

Venue :-

Chanpreet Memorial Hospital,

Basti Guzan ,

Jalandhar City

Timing :- 10 AM to 12 Noon

May 09, 2013

Guneet Kaur Does Jalandhar Proud in Civil Services Exams

Guneet Kaur , a former student of MGN Public School Jalandhar has achieved 830 th position in the Civil  Services Exams.

Jalandhar District Sainik Board Distributes Cheques to NDA Candidates

Chques of Re. One Lakh each were awarded to18 candidates selected for Pre NDA Coaching.

May 07, 2013

India Should Demand Coco Islands Back - Jalandhar Thinkers

China has been able to achieve its objective in Chumar by taking military action in Indian Daulat Beg Oldie Sector.On the other hand , India appeared to be hesitant to take military action. Net result It is not Status Quo Ante as India has lost its structures in Chumar whereas China has lost nothing.
India especially the Think Tank manning the China ( Far East ) Desk in the Ministry of External Affairs, South Block should do some introspection before terming the entire episode as some thing of a Diplomatic success,.

 India must be very stern with China. China respects only brute force. " Power Stems From The Barrel of a Gun " Says Mao in the Little Red Book. The present Chinese leadership continues to live under the delusions of the Ming Rulers that China is the Middle Kingdom and that Rest of the World Revolves around it.

China has observation posts on Coco Islands ( Originally Indian territory but gifted to Burma by Nehru ) in the Bay of Bengal. These observation posts keep an eye on the movements of the Indian Navy. India should demand dismantling of these Chinese observation Posts and further demand that Coco Islands be returned to India.

Immediately, funds should be released for the Mountain Strike Corps and Rafale deal ( as we require deadly Air power to deal with China ).

Abhishek- Head Boy, Sunidhi-Head Girl -Sarvhitkari Keshav Vidya Niketan Jalandhar

Principal Anuradha Bhalla, Sarvhitkari Keshav Vidya Niketan  School , Guru Gobing Singh Avenue, Jalandhar felicitated the student office bearers selected for the new academic session.

Jalandhar Police Action Against Student Visa Consultants

Co-ordinated action was taken by Jalandhar Police against many Consultants ' offices which specialised in foreign education Visas for Indian students.

Police suspects that in many cases  forged / manipulated documents were being used  .

May 05, 2013

Save Punjab Farmers From Chinese Dams on Sutlej in Chinese Occupied Tibet

China is constructing Dams on Sutlej and Brahamaputra rivers

India must release funds for the Mountain Strike Corps and Rafale Fighter jets.

 Central Govt. spends more than Rs. 65,000 crore annually on Fertilisers subsidy. Punjab Govt. gives Rs. 7500 crore annually Free Electricity to Rich Farmers.

 But what would farmers do when because of Chinese Dams , half of Northern India would become a desert.''

Rotary Club Jalandhar East Awards Scholarships to Needy Students

School children were distributed Scholarships by President Arun Malhotra on behalf of Rotary Club , Jalandhar East.

 Prominent citizens of Jalandhar, Kamaljit Singh Bedi MC, Gulshan Arora, Jatinder Sharma,Rajinder Sehgal, and others were present at the function held.

May 02, 2013

Blog Writer's Interview By Punjab Kesari - Jalandhar Kesari Dt. 02-05-13

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Name our next Air Craft Carrier after the Legendary General Hari Singh Nalwa 

May 01, 2013

Jaguar / Land Rover for Our Army Chief

We find that our Army Chief travels in Delhi in an Ambassador Car.

Jaguar / Land rover vehicles ( JLR ) are manufactured by an Indian Company , Tata Motors Limited.

Our Army chief should use a state of Art , latest model Jaguar car or a Land rover ( equipped with Jammers etc )

Heart Patients Free Check Up Camp 04-05-13 / 05 -05-13 Amritsar

Free Check Up Camp

Date : 04 and 05 May 2013

Venue :

Randhawa Hospital,
12, Mall Road,

Timing : 10 AM to 3 PM

Please Register

Dr. SJS Randhawa MD , DNB ( Heart Specialist 0

( m ) 98140-52303

0183 - 2226660

email :-

website :- 

Patients from Jalandhar can avail of this camp.

Petrol Prices in Other Counties In Venezuela in Rupee Conversion Re. 1 : 19 p Per Litre

Earthquake Tremors in Jalandhar Around 12:30 Noon

There were tremors in Jalandhar and around of an Earthquake around Noon ( 01-05-13 ).