November 30, 2013

Jalandhar Thinkers Object Chinese Arrogance

China calls Indian Kashmir as Indian Occupied Kashmir . India should refer to Tibet not as Chinese but as Chinese Occupied Tibet.

The Far East Bench of Ministry of External Affairs , South Block needs a Revamp as it meekly accepts Chinese arrogance .

The IAS lobby should not over extend in affairs of Armed Forces.

Rafale Deal should be immediately signed. They are the best air support for the Mountain Strike Corps. 


Chinese leadership continues to suffer from the historical delusions of the Ming Dynasty that China is the Middle Kingdom and that the rest of the World revolves around it. They follow the Maoist dictum ( as given in the Little Red Book ) that Power Stems From the Barrel of a Gun. Tothis the Indian pearl of wisdom is " Laaton Key Bhoot Baaton Sey Nahin Mantey

November 29, 2013

Are Times of East India Company Really Over ????

Jalandhar Thinkers Regret Govt. 's Threats to Sugar Mills

Government's  threats to Sugar Mills  raise doubts  whether India is really independent and that there is true democracy. It is similar to the threats to Nano project in Singur ( W. Bengal ). Such draconian measures remind of the times under East India Company when Indigo or Opium was forcibly grown to serve the Class interest s of the British.

Sugar Mills , like Ratan Tata in Singur ,should not bow to unreasonable demands of Politicians. Politicians should rise above the Class interests ( of Rich Farmers ) and consider the well being of the entire Nation. 

November 28, 2013

Available on Rent - Independent 2 Room Set in Jalandhar

Independent 2 Room set available for rent in Urban Estate , Phase One , Jalandhar

Contact :-

0935731 -2889

November 22, 2013

Jain Advisor Agro Dairy Mela in Jalandhar 22 th- 23 rd Nov 2013

The prestigious , two day ( 22-23-Nov 2013 ), Jain Advisor Agro Dairy Mela has opened today.

Venue is Jalandhar- Phagwara GT Road , Paragpur ( Opp Haveli ) , Jalandhar.

More than 200 firms are participating in the Mela.

November 21, 2013

Municipal Corp Jalandhar - Majority Staff Deputed to Collect Property Tax

Last date is 30-11-2013.

There is widespread resentment among Urban Punjabis regarding the Property tax on Urban / Non Farmer Punjabis.

When there was a proposal to impose a modest Wealth Tax on Super Rich Farmers, both BJP and Akali Dal threatened to come out in streets.

Jalandhar MP Mr. Kaypee Condoles Death of Mrs. Krishna , Congress Leader , Garha Jalandhar

Mohinder Singh Kaypee MP Jalandhar and other Congress leaders with husband of Late Mrs. Krishna
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November 20, 2013

Pilgrimage to the Mazar of Shaheed Abdul Hamid PVC / Other Martyrs of 1965 War

At  Khemkaran ( Distt Taran Taran ) , salute to the valiant Indian  Heroes of 1965 War where the formidable American gifted Patton tanks of Pakistan were ruthlessly crushed. 

Mazar of the Great Shaheed Abdul Hamid PVC( Paramvir Chakra ) of Grenadiers Regt.

Must Watch with Nasseruddin Shah as Amar Shaheed Abdul Hamid

Blog Writer Paying Tribute

For more on 1965 War and Battle of Asal Uttar ( Khemkaran Sector ), please click :-

Mai Goran Mela Held at Khemkaran - Pics

Annual two day Mela was held (18-19 Nov 2013 ) at the revered Shrine of Mai Goran at Khemkaran ( Distt. Taran Taran )

Senior Journalist Pt. Om Parkash Khemkarni of Rozana Mehnat / Punjab Keasri Jalandhar supervised the Mela.

Blog Writer With Pt. Om Prakash Khemkarni

November 18, 2013

Kartarpur Bandh -Anti Property Tax Agitation in Punjab

Kartarpur ( Jalandhar ) is observing a Bandh today to protest against Property Tax on Non Farmers .

Punjabis want an end to Vote Bank policies and reduction in taxes and Inspector Raj corruption.

November 14, 2013

15-11-2013 - No Trading in Share Markets - Moharram ( Please Recheck )

Change in trading holiday from November 14, 2013 to November 15,2013 on account of Moharram.
As per NSE Circular No.- NSE/CDS/24971 , NSE/CMTR/24977 & NSE/FAOP/24979 and BSE Circular No.- 20131113-8, In lieu of the change of Holiday on  November 14,2013 by Maharashtra Government and RBI Holiday Calendar ,all  are hereby informed that  there will be NO holiday on Thursday November 14,2013 on account of Moharram and all the segments of the exchange such as Equity, Equity Derivatives, SLB and WDM shall remain open for trading as per normal timings..
Further, there will be Trading Holiday on Friday November 15, 2013 on account of Moharram and all the segments of the exchange such as Equity, Equity Derivatives,SLB and WDM shall remain closed for trading.

Blog Disclaimer : Please Recheck

November 08, 2013

Girls Rural Games in Jalandhar - 14 to 16 Nov 2013

Around 2500 girls from all over Punjab would participate in in Swami Vivekanand State level rural sports ( for girls ) to be held in Jalandhar from Nov 14 th to Nov 16 th 2013.

November 03, 2013

Happy Diwali

We wish to our Blog Readers and all others