May 29, 2016

Real Threat to Pakistan in Not From India - Jalandhar Thinkers

AQ Khan is guilty of Proliferation by attempting to sell nuclear technology clandestinely.

Khan 's use of terminology like Muslim Nuclear Bomb ( as opposed to Pakistan nuclear bomb ) is very dangerous in the present day context as ISIS / Al Qaeda are trying to seek nuclear Bombs.
Present day threat to Muslims is not from India but from Muslim Terrorist organisations.
With nuclear bombs ( God Forbid ) in the hands of Taliban , probably , Karachi or Lahore 3 minutes away.

Agrarian Crisis In Punjab _ Jalandhar Thinkers Analysis

Farm Sector - Only Actual Tillers Should Get Relief

That there is an agrarian crisis in Punjab , we cannot deny.
But let us analyse it in the correct perspective :-

There are Rich Farmers and Marginal Farmers.
Differentiation should made a between Actual Tillers and Absentee Landlords ( who give their Land on Lease to Actual Tillers ).
Relief / Tax rebates should only be given to Actual Tillers.
Actual Tillers are the biggest suffers.
Strict action should be taken against those Revenue Officials ( Patwaris ) who manipulate Revenue records to show Absentee Landlords as Actual Tillers. NRI s who never visit India take away Tax free income and , in Punjab , free Electricity etc.
In Punjab Farmers ( including Rich Farmers ) and Dalits ( including Creamy Layer ) get Free Electricity , Not a single Paisa Relief to Physically Handicapped.
It is the question of paying Income Tax. Only Actual Tillers ( Plough Wielders ) are exempt not Absentee Non Tiller Landlords including NRI s.
If Physically Handicapped pay for their Electricity consumption so can Rich Farmers / NRI s and Creamy Layer Dalits.
It is all about Divide And Rule / Vote Bank politics.
1 ) It is only the the City dwellers who pay Property Tax. Palatial Farm Houses are exempt.
2) Actual Tillers ( Plough Wielders ) who take Land on very high Lease rates commit suicide. Patwari records manipulated to show Absentee Non Tiller Landlords as Actual Tillers.

May 27, 2016

2% Stamp Duty on Power of Attorney - Immediate Abolition Wanted

Property Dealers Association Jalandhar held a Meeting and demanded that Punjab Govt. honours its decision of abolishing 2 % Stamp Duty on Power of Attorneys.

May 26, 2016

Krishi Kalyan Cess -Tyranny of the Vote Banks


In India , all the Taxes are imposed on the Non Vote Banks and Vote Banks who do not pay Taxes get all the Freebies..
We are ruled by those who do not Pay any Tax
No body has ever heard of Wikilang Kalyan Cess. ( They are Non Vote Banks )
The case of exploitation of the Physically Handicapped in Punjab would have to go to the UNO.

In Punjab Physically Handicapped do not get a single Paisa relief whereas Free Electricity is given to Rich Farmers and Creamy Layer Dalits.

May 16, 2016

Free Medical Camp Held at Panacea Hospital , Jalandhar

Under the supervision of Dr.Gaganjot Kaur MD  and Dr. Amit Jain ,a free Medical Camp was held at Panacea    Women and Heart Care Centre , Mahavir Marg , Near Sangha Hospital , Vijay Nagar , Jalandhar,