April 15, 2021

15 th April - Happy Himachal Day

Himachal Pradesh is , now , one of India's most progressive states by many parameters including those of law and order ,industrial growth and Education .
In the field of Education , Himachal Pradesh 's literacy rate , state wise , is nearing that of Kerala .
Female students are equally in the fore .All girls / ladies are absolutely safe and secure also when they venture out of their homes .
Electricity rates are less than one third of those in neighbouring Punjab .Similarly , Petrol is cheaper by nearly Rs. 5 per liter .
Ration Depot s / Govt. Hospitals are , also ,very well stocked .
Corruption is Non Existent

April 13, 2021

Normal 2021 Monsoon -Great News


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Safety of Sikh Pilgrims is Paramount -Baisakhi Celebrations in Pakistan 2021

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Dr. Ambedkar- Hinduism ' s Great Social Reformer

14 th April
Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar
Tributes to Hinduism ' Great Social Reformer 


Equal Rights For Hindu Women amidst stringiest opposition from Radical / Conservative Hindus during the passage of Hindu Code Bills .
Thanks to Dr. Ambedkar Indian Hindu women have world's most enlightened / gender equal legal rights
One Example -Before the passage of Hindu Code Bills Hindu daughters could not inherit parental property even if they had no brothers
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