January 24, 2017

Kargil War - Very Interesting / Informative Pakistani Perspective

Please play this You Tube Video ( Renowned Pakistani Journalist Najam Sethi )

Important Observations

1 ) Kargil Operations were originally planned in 1984 as Revenge for India's capture of Siachen. Zia said No.

2 ) In 1998-99 original plan was to capture 10 Indian Posts. Ultimately Pakistan captured 140.

3 ) Bofors Guns performance was excellent - a game changer.

4 ) Kargil War was the starting point of America's Pro India tilt.

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January 20, 2017

Congrats -Mr. Alok Verma New CBI Chief

Our Best Wishes to Mr.Alok Verma IPS ( Police Commissioner , Delhi ) on his elevation as CBI Chief.

He is my class mate .

 We together joined St. Stephen's College , Delhi , in 1975 ( same course )

January 13, 2017

Sundari Mundari Ho---Happy Lohri- 2017


Lohri marks the peaking of winter season and the approach of Basant ( spring ). This year the cold wave was very severe.Hopefully the worst is over.

Lohri is secular festival and associated with all Punjabis.

Through out Jalandhar, one can find numerous shops and, especially, Rehris and pavement stalls selling ghachak and groundnuts.

Some young children can still be seen asking for lohri . They sing the traditional folklore song :-

Sundari Mundari Ho.
Tera Kaun Vichara Ho
Dulla Bhatti Wala
Dulle Di Dhee Vihayi

( Meaning that Dulla Bhatti Wala -the Lover in whose love young girl  Sundari  is lost is actually a Middle Aged man whose daughter is already married i.e. Dulla is already married and father of Marriageable Children )

But children from posh localities etc. avoid going to houses asking for lohri. However, in the evening every body enjoys a gathering with family members, relatives and friends around a bonfire.


For full folk Song Sundar Mundariye Ho And Its Meaning :-


January 10, 2017

4G in Mobiles and Creamy Waadi Reservations-Jalandhar Thinkers

Dr. Ambedkar had provided for reservations for only one Generation i.e. 25 years from the implementation of the Constitution .

All Reservations were to end in 1975.

Earlier it was Manu Waad - Now it is Creamy Waad.

Same families taking the advantage of Reservations , generation after generation.

Instances of 4 th Generation. Children of IAS , etc.taking benefit of Reservation
Creamy Waad is the inverted variant of Manu Waad .

Caste / Class based privileges, again , based on BIRTH.