November 30, 2023

Pakistani Shares Index Rises 45% in the last 5 Months.


Indian Markets rose by 3 % in this period .

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My comments
Any comparison between Indian and Pakistani stock markets should be done in comparative dollar terms. Pakistan has an annual inflation rate of around 35 per cent compared to India 's 6 per cent. Pakistan Rupee in Dollar terms has gone down by 25 per cent in the last one year.


November 27, 2023

Happy Gurpurab- Childhood Days in Rajpura - Punjab

My early childhood days in Rajpura Township , Punjab ,from1962 to 1968 . I am Nov. 1959 born.
In those days , to the best of my memory, we had only Sikh Gurus ' Shobha Yatras ' on Gurpurabs.
I along with my friends would with great joy move behind the moving trolley at the back of which a Sikh devotee / Granthi sat . He distributed Karha Parasad which included black chholey .
After taking our share of Karha / Chholey we children ,would for a short while,fall back , quickly eat the delicious parsad , wipe clean our oily hand on our shirt or so and then again turn up behind the trolley for more .
We would go again and again . The gentleman distributing was fully aware of us doing repeated rounds . 
 But he never refused or scolded us or told us to go away . He with the same benign , parental and smiling face continued filling our outstretched palms .
At that time , we children, would only brag among ourselves as to as to the number of times we took the prasad . ' Oye, tu kinni wari litta . Buss Punj waari - Main Satt wari .'
Later , when I grew up and remembering this experience, I realised the true meaning of the Prasad distributing Granthi's 's response - one the essences of Sikh faith . -Happiness in serving others i.e.' Sewa

November 21, 2023

Raymond Tycoon Very Badly Treated- Now On Road

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 Raymond Tycoon speaks

When children mistreat their parents.
Golden Advice - Give to them in Will