August 04, 2020

Name Indian Rafale Fighter planes as Sekhon-Rafales.

(after the great martyr Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon PVC - Hero of 1971 War )
It is high time that we give due honour to our brave soldiers.

In Delhi we have Roads named after the culprits of 1962 but none named after the Heroes of 1962 ( like another great martyr Major Shaitan Singh PVC , the saviour of Ladakh )

All Major Countries name their important weapons after their great soldiers / generals like in the USA , Patton Tanks , Abrams Tanks ,Sherman Tanks , Nimitz Air Craft Carriers ,in Israel Uzi Rifles etc etc.
But India does not name its weapons after our great soldiers . We could name Brahmos , Agni ,Prithvi, INSAS Rifle, INS Viraat etc etc after our great soldiers .

( Our next Air Craft Carrier be named after the legendary Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa )

Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa would have done what the Americans could not do in Afghanistan.
India should name its new howitzer guns ,like K 9 Vajra , after the great Ibrahim Khan Gardi.
Gardi was the ace Topchi of Marathas. Gardi was brutally martyred by the victorious Ahmad Shah Abdali in the Third Battle of Panipat.

Gardi the great Indian patriot was , also , like Abdali a Pathan but an Indian Pathan.
Pakistanis would not honour Ibrahim Khan , although , at that time ,Pakistan was part of India.
Blinded by anti Indian sentiments, Pakistan's hero of the Third Battle of Panipat is the Afghan invader Abdali . They have named one of their missiles as Abdali
Pakistan 's Misreading on origins of the name of Indian Missile " Prithvi "

When India named its short range missile as " Prithvi " Pakistan , reckless in its Anti India fervour named its counterpart as " Ghori " after the Afghan invader Muhammad Ghori having hastily concluded that India named its missile after Prithviraj Chauhan .

In jumping to name their missile Ghori , Pakistan forgot two things :-

( 1 ) Muhammad Ghori was a foreign invader who attacked Multan etc , of present day Pakistan . At that time , present day Pakistan was part of India .

( 2 ) India rarely names its weapons after its great soldiers / generals .

" Prithvi " name was given because of a series named after celestial / Nature 's objects / phenomena like , Prithvi , Agni , Surya.

We look to old Sanskrit names , like Vikrant , which are difficult to understand or relate to and and we , every time ,waste a golden opportunity to honour our great military heroes.

Issue of Duplicate Physical Share Cerificates - Simplify Procedures Please

Share Investors want that SEBI should rework the set of rules framed earlier for the issue of duplicate Physical share certificates which may have been misplaced / lost by investors.

Old rules , which are still prevalent , prescribe a whole lot of time consuming and costly compliances like  lodging  FIR , placing advertisements in newspapers , indemnity bonds etc etc.

These old rules do not have much relevance in the present times and only add up to stress and expenditure.

 1 ) Earlier share certificates could have been lost / misplaced along with valid transfer deeds. That meant a genuine loss to the holder of such  share certificates in case the seller / transferor got , may be with dishonest intentions , new share certificates issued .Transfer deeds used to be valid for minimum two months or the till the nest Book Closing . Also , transfer deeds were , a sort of , indefinitely valid as out dated  Transfer Deeds could , always be got  re validated by applying to the Registrar of Companies    .

Now , Transfer Deeds have been abolished leading to a completely changed scenario vis a vis Physical Share Certificates  .

Physical Shares , now ,  have very limited purposes i.e. they can be Dematerialised.  , Also , physical share certificates can be used for in case of  Death of the Holder i.e. Transmission of shares.

So , in present times , if share certificates are lost there only Two parties involved . The Share holder and the Company  . There is , absolutely , no Third Party whose interest may be at a risk of compromise if duplicate share certificates are issued .

So, there is no need , now , for cumbersome requirements like FIR , Newspaper advertisements , Indemnity Bond etc.

A simple letter / Undertaking to the Company should be sufficient for Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates.

2 ) These days Physical Share certificates are held , mainly , by senior citizens and why subject old people to unnecessary harassment.

4 ) Missing Share Certificates lead to their remaining in Non Demat mode . This  creates difficulties in case of Rights Issue / Buyback by the Company.

5 ) Further , as Dividends of such Physical shares is , generally , taken by investors in Physical Mode there are chances that , in case ,  Dividends remain unencashed for 7 years such shares are , for all practical , purposes , confiscated by the Govt.


1 )   Please make Nominations - on Form 2 B. This way the heirs can , always , claim those shares with less procedures.

We do not have send our Share Certificates ( which may be missing ) along with our Nomination Forms.

2 ) Get your Bank Details recorded with the Company so that our Dividends do not remain unpaid and are not put to , de facto ,confiscation.

August 01, 2020

Free Liquor Trade in Punjab From Clutches of Politicians

Punjab should Free Liquor Trade From Clutches of Politicians supported / patronised Liquor mafia.
Also ,Reduce the prices of liquor in Punjab.

The reason behind hooch business flourishing in Punjab is that greed of Politicians has made liquor in Punjab very high.

Also , very expensive liquor in Punjab is leading to a flourishing liquor smuggling business ,of liquor from other states to Punjab .which again is done under the patronage of Politicians . Punjab loses sizable amount of Govt revenue.

Further , with liquor out of reach for the common man ,they especially the youth takes to drugs .
De-politicise immediately the liquor trade in Punjab.

July 15, 2020

Income Tax Returns Filing Work - Please Give us Your Assignments

Anuj Aggarwal is my son-in-law based in Ludhiana.

Please give him Income Tax filing assignments

May 18, 2020

My School Class Mate Does Us All Very Proud

I came to St. Stephen's College , Delhi , in 1975  from Punjab Public School , Nabha ( ISC- , Class XI- 1974 batch )

I feel very proud sharing with by fellow Stephanians the good work being done by my fellow School class mate , Col. ( Retd. ) Ravinder Singh Dahiya ( graduate of Delhi Univ ) and , now , based in Gurugram .
Ravinder Singh Dahiya ( Ravi House PPS -1974 Batch ) is doing a great job of teaching underprivileged students and grooming them for best possible careers , including careers in the armed forces .

His story
Col Dahiya ' reply to me :-

Dear brother Ashwani, thank you for sharing my story. It’s been an amazing journey so far and given me a lot of happiness teaching the kids and learning from them.
One of the classes has appeared in the 10th board exams and I will be looking forward to seeing their results. 

I am not looking for any more financial support for the classroom. What I do solicit now is support for specific students who excel in studies and wish to continue their education which they may be deprived of because of their financial situation.

Thank you 🙏