June 21, 2017

Tata - Planes - Patriotism



Air India was earlier Tata Airlines During Kashmir operations ( 1947-48 ) Tata Airways ' planes were used to transport Indian troops to Kashmir.
(.Its nationalisation was a wrong move ) Nehru 's polices PSU s - corruption/ mismanagement / misappropriation.
1929: JRD Tata, a board member of Tata Sons and later chairman of the Tata group, receives India’s first pilot licence.
1932 : Tata Sons set up Tata Airlines Ltd with Rs 2 lakh (around $3,000) as initial investment. JRD Tata himself flew the first flight between Karachi and Bombay in a Havilland Puss Moth, carrying 25 kilograms of mail.
1937: A regular service between Delhi and Bombay is launched and the flight carries mail and passengers
1946: Tata Airlines becomes a public company and is renamed Air India Ltd. India’s national airline was once headquartered at the Tata head office in Bombay.
1948: Air India decides to launch its international operations and submits a proposal to the government.
1953 – Air India is nationalized, and JRD Tata is appointed as the company’s first chairman and serves till 1977, when the new government decided to unceremoniously terminate his services.
. Similarly, Bharat Airways ( of Birlas ) became Indian Airlines.The Company changed its name to Bharat Commerce ( now liquidated ). Bharat Commerce , also, owned a Spinning Mill at Rajpura -Punjab ( Dhagaa Mill)

June 19, 2017

Tata to Make F16 Fighter Jets in India

Earlier it was said in Punjabi folklore about Tata trucks making Chhik ( sneeze like sound from air brakes pressure box

Now, with Tata planning to Make f 16 Fighter Jets , it would be


Great News



June 18, 2017

We Salute India's Engineering Ingenuity

 Ultra Mega Solar Park, Kurnool ( Andhra Pradesh )

1000 Megawatt ( a Bhakra equivalent )Electricity Solar Plant Put Up in Just 6 Months.



Solar Power in India is , now, costing just Rs 3 / Unit. Compare this with Rs.10 +/ Unit being charged in Punjab from Businessmen under the penal category euphemistically called COMMERCIAL CONNECTION.

Salute to India's Engineering Ingenuity-Jalandhar Thinkers

Jalandhar-Baramulla Power Link

Sterlite Power Transmission Has Done India Proud.



Sterlite Power Transmission share is Unlisted


June 13, 2017

2017 -Baba Nihal Singh Talhan ( Jalandhar ) Jor Mela 16 to 18 June

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66 th Shaheedi Jor Mela 16/06/2017 to 18/06/2017

Phone 0181-2770001

Mandeep Gogi-  098786-21200







June 18, 2011

Baba Nihal Singh Talhan - Jalandhar 60 th Shaheedi Jor Mela -

Legend of Shahid Baba Nihal Singh of Talhan ( Jalandhar )

The legendary great martyr Baba Niahal Singh was an artisan- engineer ( Mistry ) residing in villageDakoha near Talhan ( Jalandhar ). He belonged to the Ramagarhia community of Sikhs. This community is renowned the world over for their mechanical skills. Baba Nihal Singh was , thus , no fakir or Sant during his life time , in the traditional meaning of a Baba.

Baba Nihal Singh served the people by making pulleys for drinking water wells. His special skills lay in installing his pulleys at the base of the well. People believed that the great Baba was blessed with divinity so that the water wells in which he installed the pulleys never became dry and its water was always sweet.

Once, while installing such pulley Baba Nihal Singh met with a fatal accident. For the common man theBaba became a martyr while he was serving the people .

cremation. This " The grateful people constructed a " Samadhi ' in village Talhan and the place ofBaba'sSamadh' was looked after by his faithful associate , Harnam Singh. After Harnam Singh'sdeath , the followers cremated him next to theBaba's Samadhi.

Gradually, the two Samadhis blossomed into a grand Gurudwara. The devotees started holding an annual Mela to mark the death anniversary ( "Barsi" ) of the Baba. This Mela is quite a grand event inJalandhar.There are sports events like Kabbadi , volleyball and tug-of-war. Gatka displays are held.

The Gurudwara runs a fully modernised charitable hospital. It has recently acquired a Doppler Scan Machine for colour scans.



Talhan Gurudwara- Devotees Seeking Visas Offer Toy Planes

Shahid Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara at Talhan ( Jalandhar ) is celebrating its annual Mela from 18-06-15 to 21-06-15 . The devotees , many from Doaba region ( area between rivers Sutlej and Beas rivers ) , have found a way of making an offering which is unique in the world.

Many Doaba Punjabis are very keen to go abroad in search of better livelihoods. But getting Visas to fly out is an elaborate process with anuncertain result. So devotees pray at the Gurudwara by purchasing a toy aeroplane model which is sold at toy stalls outside the Gurudwara. Along with these toy planes stickers of the airline of various destination countries are , also , sold. Intending immigrants acquire a toy plane with correct destination national airline sticker ( like British Airways for British Visa or Lufthansa for Germany etc. ). These planes are placed in the Gurudwara. Belief has it Visa comes in quickly and surely


June 17, 2016

Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Talhan Mela 2016 From 17 th to 19 th June 2016

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60 th Shaheedi Jor Mela - Baba Nihal Singh Talhan ( Jalandhar ) Concludes 19-06-11


History of Samosa in India