February 25, 2021

Very Informative -Chinese Propaganda Complete Video on Galwan Clash

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 Army Day 2021

Tribute to the Lions of Galwan
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 Capt. Soiba Maningba Rangnamei - Snow Leopard of India
Capt. Soiba Maningba Rangnamei of Manipur of Bihar Regiment at Galwan.
A knock out Right Punch on the enemy's Red face to tell 
'Dushman ko yeh batadoh Dushmani hai Kya '' 
in the language of another great Indian from Manipur - Mary Kom

February 21, 2021

Save these Hippos

Surely , there must be a way for it.


 Pablo Escobar: Why scientists want to kill Colombia's hippos


Miss Manya Singh - Miss India- Runners Up - Touches the Sky

उत्तर प्रदेश देवरिया की रहने वाली मान्या सिंह जो कल तक केवल एक ऑटो ड्राइवर की बेटी के तौर पर जानी जाती थीं, आज मिस इंडिया कि रनर अप हैं। इस सफलता को पाने के लिए मान्या ने कड़ी मेहनत की है।
उनकी जीत पर उन्हें ढेरों
व मंगलकामनाएं!

Capt. Soiba Maningba Rangnamei of Manipur- Pride of India

Capt. Soiba Maningba Rangnamei of Manipur of Bihar Regiment at Galwan.
A knock out Right Punch on the enemy's Red face to tell 
'Dushman ko yeh batadoh Dushmani hai Kya '' 
in the language of another great Indian from Manipur - Mary Kom
Today whole of India is proud of Capt. Soiba Maningba Rangnamei


February 02, 2021

Petrol price Rs 93 in Ram's India, Rs 53 in Sita's Nepal, Rs 51 in Ravan's Lanka: Subramanian Swamy



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 What about Mama Shakuni 's Ganghar / Kandhar i.e. Afghanistan ?


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January 23, 2021

Our Tributes to Narendra Chanchal

My favourite Bhajan of Narendra ChanchaL is actually a patriotic song by Narendra Chanchal from the Freedom Struggle movie 'Jeevan Sangram 'on Kama Ghata Maru 's glorious episode . .



When Bollywood Made a Movie About the Komagata Maru



23 rd January -Happy Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

We want ;-
1. Azad Hind Ghat Samadhi of Netaji be constructed in Delhi next to Mahatma 's Raj Ghat . Ashes Urn kept in Renoki Mandir in Tokyo be brought to this Azad Hind Ghat .
.2. Republic Day of India be celebrated every year on 23 rd January.
Jai Hind   
Queen Victoria- Not The Real Empress of India
Queen Victoria of England was given by Prime Minister Disraeli the title of " Kaiser -e Hind " meaning in German " Empress of India " . Victoria had German ancestry and Disraeli took great pains to please her.
But for Indians the real Kaiser -E- Hind is not Victoria but EMILE SCHENKL BOSE the Austrian - German wife of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,one of the most respected National Heroes of India .
Well , had events happened in India's favour and had India been lucky then Independence would have come under Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose . The great " ARZI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND " ( Provisional Government of Free India ) based at Singapore would have become the ASLI HUKUMAT AZAD HIND based at New Delhi .
Then ,firstly , there would not have been any partition ( as Netaji , unlike the Congress , had full confidence and trust of Indian Muslims )
And secondly, Emile Schenkl Bose ( with daughter Anita Bose ) would have landed in India and the admiring and adulating Indians would have been welcoming India 's real " Kaiser E- Hind " and Emile Schenkl Bose taking her rightful place as the First Lady of " Azad Hind " at the Rashtrapati Bhawan , New Delhi ( A glorious conclusion of Azad Hind Fauz ( Indian National Army's ) Onto Delhi-" Dilli Chalo " campaign )..

Netaji's Death Mystery - Latest Update