December 19, 2014

Jalandhar in Grip of Severe Cold Wave / Fog

Motorists , please be careful as there has been intense fog on Highways ( especially on Jalandhar - Pathankot Highwayt )which greatly reduces visibility

December 14, 2014

Maharaja Duleep Singh Movie Keenly Awaited in Jalandhar


Pakistan And India Should Co-operate in Demanding Kohinoor Diamond From Britain
There was an animated discussion in Jalandhar about a news item that Kohinoor diamond should be returned by Britain. .
As usual , Britain plays its " Divide and Rule " now modified to " Divide And Keep Kohinoor " policy by claiming that it cannot decide whether this South Asian treasure should be returned to India or to Pakistan ( Kohinoor was taken by the East India Company from Lahore Durbar after the death of Sher-e -Punjab Mahraja Ranjit Singh ).
Pakistan and India should not fall into the wily game. They should co-operate with each other. After this gem is returned for six months Pakistan may keep it .For the next six months India and so on.
QE-2 Diamond Jubilee- Please Return Kohinoor Diamond to India- Pakistan
Britishers are celebrating Diamond Jubilee of their current Queen , Queen Elizabeth - II. Our congratulations to them.
We , all of South Asia , hereby , ask the the Britishers to consider the fact that why is their Queen wearing in her Crown , , the Kohinnor Diamond .
Kohinoor Diamond , is the most well known Conflict Diamond which was taken as booty by the East India Company from the Lahore Darbar of successors of Sher - e- Punjab , Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
( Maharaja Ranjit Singh had Willed Kohinoor Diamond to the Temple of Jagan Nath Puri ( Odhisha )
Britishers should appreciate that it is most inappropriate and unethical for their Queen to wear a Looted Jewel.
The Diamond should be returned jointly to India and Pakistan
( India and Pakistan can keep the Diamond alternately for 6 months in a year. But they should not give the Britisher an excuse that they do not know to who to Return. ). Let Queen Elizabeth not exploit India - Pakistan rivalry to continue to keep Kohinoor with her.

Angrejo Ki Kya Mazaal Thi Ki Sher e Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh ke Hotey Kohinoor Ki Taraf Dekh Bhi Sakte.
Ek Bachey Prince ( Maharaja Duleep Singh ) sey Kohinoor Loot Liya.


Kohinoor Diamond is World's Most Famous CONFLICT DIAMOND

Why wear a LOOTED Diamond in the Royal Crown ?

December 10, 2014

OPIC ( Organisation of Oil Importing Countries ) - India Should Take Lead

India should , now , form OPIC ( Organisation of OIl Importing Countries ) and drive hard bargains .

( Jalandhar Thinkers )

Indian economy is less dependent on Exports than many other countries .

 India has a huge internal consumption market.

The lower the crude oil prices the better it is for India. We cannot be expected to bear the burden of oil exporters economy.

December 05, 2014

China's Double Standards

China has the temerity of calling India's disputed territories of Gilgit --Baltistan as Pakistani.
India should refer to Tibetan areas as not Chinese but as Chinese Occupied Tibet.