August 31, 2015

Mr. Rajiv Mehrishi - Union Home Sectretary

Congrats Rajiv Mehrishi on being appointed  Union Home Secretary . We are very proud of you.
( My fellow Resident / Senior in St. Stephen's College )
College Days
During our time ( 1975 -80 ) , Delhi University Inter College Cricket Final was , invariably , between St. Stephen's and Hindu College.
Our St. Stephen's College had cricketing stars like Kirti Azad , Arun Lal , Rajinder Amarnath ( younger brother of Mohinder , Surinder Amar Nath ). Staff In charge , the legendary and dashing HOD - History- Prof Mohammad Amin.
The annual Cricket Final ( University Grounds ) was a grand affair with running Radio commentary ( Yuv Vani A.I.R. )
For us spectators / College supporters action centered around the Side Screen ( at the University End ) with Hindu College and St. Stephen's crowds on either back side of the Side Screen .
The atmosphere used to be very charged with beating of drums and often abusive slogan shouting. At periodical intervals , jostling crowds would come head on and a free hand to hand scuffle ensued ( like a Kabbadi match with the Raider being pinned down )
St. Stephen's star defender was the fearless Rajiv Mehrishi. With Mehrishi around we would feel very safe and bold.
We are very sure with IAS Rajiv Mehrishi as the Union Home Secretary , the entire country, feels safe.

August 25, 2015

Is China Communist or Capitalist ?

Chinese Share Markets have plunged .Chinese Govt. had been encouraging Chinese public to invest in Shares. Share Markets are derivatives of Public Limited Companies meaning the very core of Capitalism. In Annual General Meetings One Share means One Vote

Chinese Govt. s very autocratic. No Multi Party system . No Free Elections. A sort of Police State. No One Man One Vote.

Further , China has no real Transparency. Its economic figures like GDP / Growth rates can be fudged . It is hidden behind a Bamboo Curtain.

 Dhobi Ka Kutt a - Na Capitalism Ka - Na Communism Ka

August 16, 2015

Why was India 's Independence Preponed from 1948 to 1947 ?

Why did Mountbatten suddenly declare that the Partition of India would take place with inexplicable haste on August 15, 1947, almost a year ahead of schedule?
Colonel Anil Athale (retd) explains the likely reasons for the British decision to hastily grant India independence.


Tryst With Destiny

Another poignant memory connected with Jalandhar- Nakodar Railway line is the violent times of 1947 when India was divided along communal lines . At that time Garha was an important village of Jalandhar,with equal number of Majority and the now Minority communities. But for no fault of theirs, some people were forced to leave for Pakistan. During those shameful times of violence and insanity, a train would come on the Nakodar Line near " Ganda Nullah Railway Phatak" ( the now decommissioned Garha Disposal )Railway Crossing to take migrants to the newly created Pakistan . At that time, the now posh colony of Urban Estate Phase One, was agriculture fields sandwiched between Village Garha and Nakodar Railway Line. Hapless people would dart out, without any Govt protection, from Garha carrying their valuables. Their goal was to reach safety of the standing train. Mobsters and looters would lie in ambush . The mute agricultural fields were witness to the deadly game of senseless loot and killing and the supreme tragedy associated with India's independence.
While flamboyant speeches were being made by some in cozy and safe environmements, Mahatma Gandhi chose to be in Noakhali ( Bengal ) , without any Security , trying to quell violent communal violence.

Let us pay Homage to Lakhs of innocent Victims of Partition ( on both sides ) - People who were devastated for no fault of theirs


15 th August ( 1947 )Indian Independence Date Chosen by Mountbatten - WHY ?

15 th August ( 1947 )Indian Independence Date Chosen by Mountbatten - WHY ?
The date August 15 was also carefully chosen by the British. It was on this very day that Japan announced to surrender in 1945

Mountbatten was rattled / ever obsessed by the Imperial Japanese victories ( especially in Burma ) and Singapore . Mountbatten had with his name a pretentious and colonial title of 1 st Earl of Burma.
Mountbatten wanted to insult memories of Azad Hind and Netaji Subhash Chander Bose who was in alliance with the Imperial Japanese . They had liberated Burma and Singapore 

August 02, 2015

Jalandhar Passport Officer Harmanbir Singh Gill Honoured

External Affairs Ministry  selected , on All India basis , Passport Office ,Jalandhar as the Second Best in Performance .

The credit goes to the dynamic Regional Passport Officer , Harmanbir Singh Gill .

 Mr. Gill , in turn , gives the credit to his hard working team of both Ministry of External Affairs officials and Passport Sewa Kendra ( TCS ) staff members.

A joint Get -together / Banquet was held , on 01/08/15 ,at Victoria Gardens , Jalandhar , to celebrate the Achievement.

Rajya Sabha MP , Avinash Rai Khanna was the Chief Guest.

The occasion , also , was to bid Farewell to Jagdish Lal, who retired on 31/07/15 after a long and distinguished service with the Ministry of External Affairs . His last posting was with Passport Office , Jalandhar.