January 17, 2021

Punjab , now ,Trails Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

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Punjab , now , trails Haryana and Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh has , now , one of the highest Literacy rates in India, close to that of Kerala .

Property rates in Punjab have not moved up in the last 15 years .


Nomination Vs. Will - Common Misconceptions

Nomination Vs. Will - Common Misconceptions

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March 22, 2016

Must Make Will - Nominee Only Trustee in Most Cases



Nominee ( except in case of shares and most probably , now , in Insurance policies ( please recheck ) - is only a Trustee. Real owner is as per the Will.


While writing a Will , please include  these important points.

1 ) Where ever ( Testator )  made Nominations , the Nominee / s would be the sole heirs 

2 ) In case , any one of the legatees pre deceases( Testator ) in that case that share would not lapse but would , instead , devolve on the Legal heirs of that Legatee.

3 ) In case any asset , movable or immovable , is not mentioned here or is acquired afterwards would devolve    on --------


How Hindu Succession Law Applies When a Person Dies Without Will?


Also , please try to get Will registered ( though not mandatory ).

In our one case , the Trial Court granted Probate on a Photostat copy of an Unregistered Will.

We went in to appeal in the High Court where our Appeal was upheld


January 13, 2021

Sundari Mundari Ho---Happy Lohri- 2021

Lohri marks the peaking of winter season and the approach of Basant ( spring ). This year the cold wave was very severe.Hopefully the worst is over.
Lohri is secular festival and associated with all Punjabis.
Through out Jalandhar, one can find numerous shops and, especially, Rehris and pavement stalls selling ghachak and groundnuts.
Some young children can still be seen asking for lohri . They sing the traditional folklore song :-
Sundari Mundari Ho.
Tera Kaun Vichara Ho
Dulla Bhatti Wala
Dulle Di Dhee Vihayi
( Meaning that Dulla Bhatti Wala -the Lover in whose love young girl Sundari is lost is actually a Middle Aged man whose daughter is already married i.e. Dulla is already married and father of Marriageable Children )
But children from posh localities etc. avoid going to houses asking for lohri. However, in the evening every body enjoys a gathering with family members, relatives and friends around a bonfire.
On Lohri it is said
Til Tadkey Jara Sadkey
( As the Oil Seeds Burn ( in the Lohri Bonfire ) - Severe Cold Abates )
For full folk Song Sundar Mundariye Ho And Its Meaning :-

January 12, 2021

Famous Photograph of 1971 Dacca Surrender -S.Bakshish Singh of BSF


Please watch in the famous photograph of Dacca Surrender the pic of the Sikh officer standing on the extrme Right . He is S. Bakshish Singh , IG tetd - BSF- Ex Army Officer - Mahar Regiment . I feel very proud writing that he is my immediate neighbour in Jalandhar .
I took S. Bakshish Singh's autograph on the Right side of pic after he circled his pic.
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 My humble pic with great persons