July 31, 2009

Brothers Gopal & Keshav Top Stars at " Dadagiri "( Bindass TV Channel ) Competition

Mobile van of Bindass Channel conducting its immensely popular reality show " Dadagiri " visited Urban Estate Phase One Jalandhar. Brothers Gopal Aggarwal and Keshav Aggarwal of Urban Estate Phase I were the star performers.

Keshav Aggarwal bagged the coveted " Dadagiri " bag sponsored by Hero Honda.

HMV College Jalandhar Tops in University Toppers

Principal J. Kackaria of Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya ( HMV College ) Jalandhar is the happiest person after results have been declared by Guru Nanak Dev University. Majority of toppers are from HMV College.

BA Part I

Reena- First in University
Heena Bhasin- Second in Univ
Mehak Narang- Third in Univ

BA Part II

Kamaljit Kaur- First in Univ
Renu Soni- Second in Univ

BSc. Part II ( Non Medical )

Shikha- First in Univ
- Third in Univ

BSc. ( Economics ) Part II

Mamta- First in Univ
Heena Kochhar- Second in Univ
Simmi- Third in Univ

HMV College Jalandhar has become " Toppers' College "

Great Saint Baba Lal Badshah ( Nakodar- Jalandhar)

Photo of Baba Lal Badshah ( in green )

October 30, 2011

Baba Lal Badshah -Nakodar - Dargah

Dargah at Nakodar ( Jalandhar District )of the Great Saint Baba Lal Badshah Ji

Mela Baba Tukki Shah Held on 29-07-09

Mela at the Mazar of Baba Tukki Shah ( Rama Mandi- Dakoha ) Jalandhar Cantt was held on 29-07-09. In the morning there was the " Jhanda " ceremony conducted by Sewadar of the shrine Sub. Menhga Ram Lohi ( Retd. ) In the afternoon there was a ' langar ' which was partaken by about 10000 devotees. In the evening there were qawwalis in which renowned Qawwals participated.

Sewadar Sub. MR Lohi ( Retd. ) has been looking after the mazar for the last 22 years.

Cabana Orchid- Top Premium Club & Hotel on Jalandhar- Phagwara GT Road


Commercial Complex near Bus Stand Jalandhar

Underground Parking GT Road Near Narinder Cinema

This is the prime commercial area of Jalandhar . Because of construction of Railway Over bridge near Khalsa College there is very little traffic here these days.

Heavy Rains, Jalandhar- Nakodar Bein Swollen

Jalandhar- Nakodar Bein is in spate. Low level bridge submerged. Huts nearby submerged in floods.

July 30, 2009

Jalandhar Municipal Corporation on House Tax Recovery Spree

If any one has House Tax dues he should pay up at the earliest.

Municipal Corporation has taken pro active steps to recover its dues.

July 29, 2009

Guru Ravidas Gurudwara Chak Hakim GT Road Phagwara

Balbir Raja Sodhi is President of Shiromani Sh. Guru Ravi Dass Mandir Parbandhak Committee , Punjab

Truck Overshoots Road at Rama Mandi Chowk, GT Road Jalandhar

Rains make roads slippery and dangerous. Drive slowly and carefully.

Heavy Rains-Residential Colony Phagwara Waterlogged Roads

Heavy Rains Swell Bein ( Jalandhar-Phagwara GT Road )

The low level bridge on the old Phagwara Road ( from Jalandhar ) is submerged due to swollen Bein. There has been heavy rainfall in the hills.

BA / Bsc. Part II Results Guru Nanak Dev University Today ( 29-07-09 )

Guru Nanak Dev University ( GNDU )'s BA / B.Sc Part II results would be uploaded to the University 's official website after 5 pm

Click :


July 28, 2009

Arun Jain of Jalandhar Appointed Secretary Punjab Congress

Arun Jain a young and dynamic leader hailing from Urban Estate, Phase One, Jalandhar has been appointed Secretary Punjab Congress .

Well wishers and friends of Arun Jain congratulated him on receiving this honour.

Guru Nanak Dev University BA /BSc.Part I Results Today ( 28/07/09 )

Results of BA / BSc. Part I of Guru Nanak Dev University would be declared today .

These would be available , after 5 PM , on the odfficial website of Guru Nanak Dev University :



July 27, 2009

Indians Love Cows

Indians love and worship cows. Vivek feeding a roti to a cow who had come to his house for water.

Grand Langar Hall - Gurudwara Talhan ( Jalandhar Cantt )

Langar Hall at Gurudwara Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Talhan ( Jalandhar ). There is an additional Hall dedicated solely to " Tea " langar.

JCI Jalandhar Celebrates " Teej"at Wonderland

Teej was celebrated by JCI Jalandhar at Wonderland- Jalandhar's most popular amusement park. President Deep Saluja and Project Director SukhjeetSingh and Aman Kaur Cheema conducted a meeting and a project there.

Other prominent participants were Anup Mehra ;Navneet ; Anshika , Amarjit ;Bhaskar ; Rupinder Kaur ;Gurmeet ; Sunita Chawla ; Anshuman ; Aradhya ,Ayush ; Amit .

Dr. Kunj Lalwani New President of Rotary Club Jalandhar South

At the installation ceremony of Rotary Club Jalandhar South-3070 Dr. Kunj Lalwani was installed President ; Neena Sondhi- Secretary ; Santosh Sharma-Vice President ;Kiran Agarwal- Joint Secretary ; Sanyogita Kalra- Treasurer.

July 26, 2009

INS Arihant Launched -Jalandhar Public Thrilled ; Kargil Martyrs Also Remembered

People in Jalandhar as else where in India are thrilled over Mrs. Gursharan Kaur launching India's first nuclear powered submarine INS Arihant. Every body felt so happy and proud. Surely India is taking up its due status in the comity of nations. After all India is the only country in the world which has an Ocean named after it.

Martyrs and heroes of Kargil were , also, remembered with due respect. Today is the 10 th anniversary of Kargil conflict.

A very important and positive development is that there was no feeling of animosity towards Pakistan. On the contrary, common man in India talks about friendship with Pakistan. ( There was a comment about what a World Power would both be if Indian and Pakistan act together. )

Ciizens Urban Co-op Bank Jalandhar shifts its Head Office to New Premises

Citizens Urban Co-operative Bank Jalandhar is a very successful co-operative bark of Jalandhar.
It has shifted its Head Office from near Hotel Skylark to its own and new ultra modern building opposite St. Joseph's Convent Junior School on the Model Town Road( near Hotel Shangrila )

HMV College Jalandhar's Kavita and Manvir Top BSc. Biotecnology Part II ( GNDU )

Kavita Dubey of Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya ( HMV College ) Jalandhar has come First in /University in BSc Biotechnology Part II scoring 542 /. Manvir Kaur of HMV College scored 537 marks and came Third inUniversity.

Principal J Kackaria congratulated the meritorious students.

Doaba College Jalandhar University Toppers

In BSc Biotech Professional Part II exams conducted by Guru Nanak Dev University Maneet Rana ( 540 marks out of 625 ) came Second in University ; Pankaj Kumar ( 529 / 625 )- Sixth in University ; Atul ( 525 /625 ) - Seventh.

Principal Dr. Naresh Kumar Dhiman ; Registrar RK Badhwar ; Head of Deptt.- Dr. Monica Mahajan ; Dr. Rajiv Khosla and Dr. Kamaljit Kaur congratulated the meritorious students.

Jalandhar- Doaba-NRI Culture-Aeroplane Flights

Students Wanting to Study Abroad

" Hawai Jahaz Wala Gate " at the beginning of the Talhan Road from GT Road ( Jalandhar - Phagwara , near MacDonalds )

"Flying Eagle" atop a NRI home.

Toy models of aeroplanes being sold at Gurudwara Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh, Talhan Jalandhar Cantt. With appropriate stickers of the national airline of the destination country ( like Lufthansa for German visa ; Air Canada for Canadian Visa). These aeroplane models are then offered at the Gurudwara for quick visa to the country of devotee's choice.

July 25, 2009

College Toppers of BD Arya Girls College Jalandhar Cantt

Smriti Goyal- First in College- BCom Professional Part II
Swati Goyal - Second in College- B Com Professional Part II

Nivedita- First in College- Diploma in Cosmetology
Smartha Second in College- Diploma in Cosmetology

Jalandhar's Small Investors of Binani Metals Aggrieved- Face Value Increased to Rs.1000/-

Binani Metals Limited

Click on Page Below - to Enlarge
Binani Metals Limited

Established in 1941, it is the promoter holding company of Braj Binani ( of Binani Cement ) group. Its Registered Office is at 32, Chowringhee Road Kolkata and administrative office at 12, JN Heredia Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai .

Directors are Braj Binani ( Chairman ) ; PR Damani ; Dr. Kala Pant ; Nidhi Binani ; JD Mehta ( Executive Vice Chairman ) ; Vinod Juneja ( Managing Director ) ; B. Srinivasan & V . Subramanian

The Company has tremendous Hidden Worth which makes its share very attractive to Collector-Investors

Share capital is Rs. 3 . 5 Crore.

Face Value of the Share : Rs.1000/- ( unique in the history of Listed Shares . But this face value has a reason from promoters point of view ),

Dividend : 25%

The Book Value of its share is Rs. 3500 /-. But if the fair market value of the underlying share holdings is carried out then the real value of the share may in Lakhs.

The Company holds promoter's ( Braj Binani Group ) holding in Binani Industries Limited ( quoted ) and Binani Zinc Limited. The tremendous hidden worth of the Company can be gauged from the fact that as on 31-03-08 the Cost ( Book Value ) of the Quoted shares was Rs. 42 Lakh and the Market Value was Rs. 56 Crore. Unquoted investments have , also ,tremendous hidden value too. They would command many times their Book Value once they are listed . The share capital of Binan Metals is Rupees Three and a Half Crore.

This huge value of the Company appears to be the reason why the promoters are increasing their holdings the over the past few years. The various and ingenious routes taken to do this are :-


A few years ago a Rights Issue was made , at par, in the ratio of 3 : 1 . The objective stated in the Letter of Offer was a real estate project near Mumbai. Majority of the non promoter shareholders did not apply. Unsubscribed shares were allotted to promoters. After this Rights the Real Estate project was , for reasons best known to the promoters , was dropped )


Well, what a masterstroke in the history of Indian Capital Market. As majority of non - promoter share holders were holding below 10 shares or in numbers not in multiple of 10 , the Company devised a unique plan to consolidate the face value from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 . The reason given was that this move would improve liquidity .

Thus , very conveniently , majority of small shareholders were reduced to holders of fractional shares. They were , now , compulsorily paid up and their shares compulsorily sold. And what was the rate at which these were sold ?

Around Rs. 450 for Rs. 100 paid up share or Rs. 4500 for Rs. 1000 paid up share .The deal done by the trustees appears to be a privately negotiated one as there does not seem to have been any official trading in the share since 05-02-2002. And the last officially quoted rate was , also , Rs. 450 for a Rs.100 paid share.


The last buy back offer was made in 2009 at a price of Rs 4500 for Rs.1000 paid up shares ( Same rate as was officially traded in February 2002.

Due to such ingenious efforts , the number of share holders , now, stands around 1760.

Status : Listed at Calcutta Stock Exchange But Illiquid

Worth : Tremendous Hidden Value

( Regulatory authorities like Calcutta Stock Exchange and SEBI did not take any action against these anti small shareholder moves by the Management )