January 31, 2008

Cool Road Extends to Urban Estate

Thirty years ago the sewerage lines of Jalandhar terminated at what is now Sanjay Gandhi Market, B.M.C. Chowk. An open drain ( Ganda Nullah ) carried the waste water along the Cool Road. Later, when the Pumping Station got shifted to Garha ( Urban Estate, Phase II ), the open drain got covered and, later , became swank 4 lane Cool Road. Cool Road, then, terminated near Kidney Hospital, passing, en route, Aggarwal Dhaba. Now again, the Garha Sewerage Pumping Station has been shifted to Pholriwal Village.Cool Road got extended to where there was Garha Pumping Station, ( in Urban Estate, adjacent to the Nakodar Railway Line). Now, Jalandhar public can, very smoothly, drive from B.M.C. Chowk to Urban Estate Railway Crossing (which connects Phase I and Phase II ).

This is not the end of Cool Road. From Urban Estate, it would go all the way to Chitewani (near Jamsher Dairy Complex) touching Pholriwal in between .

The areas touching the new road from Urban Estate to Chitewani offer the best potential in land appreciation. They are getting connected directly to BMC Chowk.

The extended Cool Road has provided a suitable entry to the prestigious colonies of Urban Estate.

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