February 14, 2008

Balbir Singh Ex M.P. Passes Away

Balbir Singh, Chairman , Lyallpur Khalsa college, and eminent politician passed way . Balbir Singh was ex M.P. from Jalandhar. He had long remained in Congress before joining Akali Dal a few years ago. Balbir Singh was nephew of former Foreign Minister of India, Sawaran Singh.


Anonymous said...

well for those of you in the know, I would say that Balbir Singh and his family got what was coming to them. what his son Gugu did to my cousin was inexcusable. interesting that Balbir got sick the day after his son got married to his second fiance. oh well that is life for you people, always be careful of how you treat others.

Anonymous said...

S.samra your a joker