February 18, 2008

Dakhni Sarai-Jalandhar's Mughal Splendour

Whereas the Serai at Nurmahal is well known, a lesser known but equally exquisitve is the Dakhni Serai,on the Nakodar-Kapurthala Road ( 12 Km. from Nakodar ) near Village Mahlian Kalan.It is a fine example of Indo Persian style perfected during Mughal period. Constructed during the reign of Shah Jahan ( 1627-58) by Mughal mansabdar Ali Mardan Khan , the huge serai has124 rooms dotted all around its fortified rectangular enclosure. Two three storey high magnificient gates, Lahori Gate and Delhi Gate allow entry in to the Serai.
Nakodar along with Nurmahal were important towns along the old G.T. Road from Delhi to Lahore. The present route of G.T. from Ludhiana ( Lodhiana ) onwards to Lahore was redone during the British te to be placed on the main railway line and G.T.road highway connecting Delhi with Lahore and beyond to Kabul etc..

As a corollary the earlier important and historic towns of Nurmahal, Nakodar, Bundala, Dakni Serai etc. lost their importance and became satellite towns of Jullundur

February 02, 2009

Mughal Bridge near Dakhni Sarai at Village Jahangir (Jalandhar District)

imes to align with the Railway line.

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