February 08, 2008

Friends Cinema Closes

With the last show of Punjabi film 'Yaarien" Friends Cinema has closed down much to the dismay of Cine goers. Cinema's manager Kahan Chand cited heavy taxes and falling revenues as the reason for closure. Friends had started in 1975 with release of Big B starrer 'Deewaar'.

Sutlej Cinema , near Bus stand, Pritam in Basti Sheikh, Cine Payal and Lal Rattan , Mini Lal Rattan, Jyoti,on Nakodar Road, Hari and Krishna, on Railway Road ( Near Bhagat Singh Chowk and Punj Peer), Sant Cinema , opposite Domoria Pull, Naaz Cinema, near Civil Hospital and Seema ( Odeon) in Mai Hiran Gate have already closed.

All these cinema halls were Jalandhar's land marks . Their locations were always used while instructing rickshaw walahs or in postal addresses.


Anonymous said...

In my childhood,i have watching movies at Hari, Krishna(I think previously called as Royal Talkies), Odeon and these were part of life of residents of Jalandhar City. I feel it is a very bad day for the people of the city. I suggest these three cinemas which served the people of Jalandhar should be taken over by the Government of Punjab and preserved and given historical status.

Unknown said...

No, any Single Photo available these cinemas