February 22, 2008

Sant Seenchewal to the rescue of Chitti Baein

God bless Sant Seencewal who is devoting his energies to rescue the rivers of Punjab. Punjab ( Land of Five Rivers ) owes its name to the mighty rivers. But since independence all its rivers, wheher big or small. have been reduced to something of Ganda Nullahs. If our rivers vanish so would our Punjab.

Sant Seenchewal is starting a campaign to from 22/02/08 to clean Chitti Baein .The polluted waters of Leather Complex units fall in to Kala Singhia drain, then to Chitti Baein and Sutlej. The highly polluted waters of Sutlej are diverted to canals feeding Rajastan and Punjab at Harike Pattan.

Conserving water resources of Punjab needs attention on a war footing. Chhapars ( ponds ) in villages need to be revived. All our rivers whether small or big should be respected and not allowed to be polluted. We should keep in mind that the ground water level in Punjab is going down at an alarming rate and there is a danger of desertification.

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