March 18, 2008

India should be Tough on China on Tibetan Genocide

India's meekness on China has surprised and enraged Indians. There is, absolutely, no doubt that China is committing an act of cultural genocide by reducing the original Tibetans to a minority. Han Chinese are migrating in droves. That day is not far way when Tibetans in their homeland would be like Red Indians in present day U.S.A.

Arrogant China has the temerity to question our beloved Prime Minister's visit and his comments on our Arunachal Pradesh. Their stooges in India are worse than 'Toddy Bachas' during British Colonialism. ( We lost the 1857 War of Independence because of such like Gaddaars). Our border is with Tibet and not China. India should recognise the Tibetan Government in Exile with immediate effect.

Indians and consumers all over the World should boycott Chinese made goods just like Mahatma Gandhi called for boycott and bonfire of Lancashire made foreign clothes.

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