March 08, 2008

Seechewal To The Resue of Jamsher Drain

The troubles and misery of the residents of Jamsher ( Jalandhar- Nurmahal Road ) and adjoining villages of Kang Sabu, Chak Mallian, Bhodesaprai, Kangewal and others along the Jamsher drain, are now over. The renowned environmentlist Balbir Singh Seechewal is holding an anti-pollution awarenes rally along the Jamsher drain on Marrch 11. The areas sandwitched between the Jamsher drain and Kali Bein were leading a hell on earth life because of water resources being heavily polluted by industries in residential areas, dairies and MC discharge of untreated waste waters.

It is a tragedy that since independence, rivers of Punjab, whether big or small, have been devastated to the status of ' Gandas Nullahs ' by all and sundry. This is a ticking time bomb. The Great Saviours like Seechewal hold a ray of hope.

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