April 18, 2008

Communists Fuel Price Rise-Then they protest!!!

Communist Party of India held a so called "Protest Rally" in Jalandhar at Desh Bhagat Hall, blaming the " Ruling Government " against price rise. It blamed privatisation policies of the Govt for the price rise. Actually, it is the Communists who are responsible for the price rise and the misery of Indian middle class, Their restrictive policies and theats to pull out have not brought any succour to India's Working Class either.

Communists are having their cake and eating it too. They are very much part of the Ruling Group but they choose to blame the Govt at the drop of the hat. Left has held the Govt to ransom nearly on daily basis on any issue they choose to or which suits their narrow interests. The entire process of liberalisation has been derailed because of them. For example, international retail names like Wal Mart and Carrefour have been allowed to set shop in China but the Left has blocked its entry in India. Both Russia ( erstwhile U.S.S.R.) and Mainland China has adopted Free Business ideologies and China is savouring double digit growth. In India , discarded ideologies hold sway.

Nuke deal offered by U.S.A. was very timely. It would have led to quantum jump in electricity production. But the Communists would prefer depleting scarce fossil fuels and an increase in pollution. Power cuts are welcome to them but not power reforms.The crude is over $ 110/Barrel and world wide inflation, basically, stems from this. So, it is the Left which is responsible for the price rises.

Joint military exercises or visit of American Naval vessels, mean a recogniton of enhanced Indian role in this part of the World are opposed by the Communists. Such narrow minded oppostion endangers India's security.

When innocent , ordinary and unarmed Tibetans hold peaceful demonstrations in their Motherland, and are brutally crushed by the Chinse, in Jallianwala Bagh style, the affair is termed as "internal affair" by our Left. But same Left leaders go to the extent of equating Tibet with Kashmir and Nagaland and get away with such utterances.( This happens only in India ). There is absolutely no comparison between Kashmir and Tibet. In Tibet, the Chinese have destroyed over 5000 Budhist Monasteries . Han Chinese are being settled in Tibet and can and are, in fact, encouraged to buy property in Tibet. They have no political freedom.

Let us not forget that India's major rivers like Sutlej and Brahamputra originate in Tibet. China has expressed its intension of building dams on them. India would then face desertification. The Tibetan Govt in exile has accepted India's stand of Indo Tibetan border. We should reciprocate the gesture and recognise the Tibetan Govt in Exile. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is India's best defence against China.Let us give him due political respect. China had the arrogance and temerty to object to our beloved Prime Minister's visit to our Arunachal Pradesh. Where were our Indian Communists then ? Have they no national pride ?

The Communists are the real cause of world wide price rises. If Indians do not remain vigilant, a fate , worse than that of Tibet under Red Imperialism, awaits them.

To lodge our protest, let us follow the advice of Nationalist leader George Fernandes and boycott Chinese made goods.

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