April 09, 2008

Green Belt Opposite Lyallpur Khalsa College Removed

Work on Railway Overbridge ( R.O.B) on the Nakodar Railway Line, near Lyallpur Khalsa College is starting soon. This overbridge would remove the heavy congestion at the Railway Crossing. The R.O.B. would take about one and a half years to complete at a cost of above Rs. 42 crores.

But this developement comes at an environment cost. To provide for service roads during itsconstruction, the beautiful parks on both sides of the G.T, Road opposite Lyallpur Khalsa College have been flattened yesterday with JCB ditch machines. This has saddened environ mentalists who, now, wish that remaining clusters of greenry in Jalandhar like on the decommissioned Pumping Station, Garha ( Urban Estate Phase Two ) , touching newly laid Cool Road Extension, be preserved.

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