May 28, 2008

Do Not Feed Dead Animals to Stray Dogs

Dog Lovers have voiced their concern at the use of dogs , especially in the villages , to clear animal carcasses of flesh after these carcasses are skinned for their hides .

In the rural areas , carcass dumps, identifiable by their foul smell ("HADDA ROR" in Punjabi ). Earlier vultures would strip clean the bones and fly away. After vultures have been driven to extinction , this dirty job of stripping of raw flesh from the carcasses has been given to stray dogs .

Dogs who have identified with men like the English letter "U" with "Q" since man was a nomadic hunter living in caves . Dogs are more than man's pets . They are man 's companions .

After getting used to eating raw flesh from HADDA ROR, such dogs , if starving, can attack other weak animals or human beings . If such a behaviour change occurs in dogs , it has been pointed out, the blame lies entirely on humans , who after driving vultures to extinction have brought their unsuspecting and trusting friends to do the vultures' job.

Dog lovers warn that this is a very dangerous practice for men and , especially , for dogs.

Dogs have been man's friend since man lived in caves and hunted in jungles . Dogs would sniff the trail of the escaping hunted animal and man would gratefully give him a share of the catch .

There should not be any cruelty while dealing with dogs , especially stray dogs .

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