May 23, 2008

Jalandhar--Nakodar Railway Line

The Branch Jalandhar-Nakodar railway line has some features( now forgotten )associated with its past. During First World War(1914-1918) Jalandhar Cantt was an important British Military outpost both for men and material. Railways were the most important means of transport(especially long route).So the Britishers extended a railway line to Jalandhar Cantt This Jalandhar Cantt. line branched out from the Jalandhar - Nakodar line at point of present day Punjab Avenue Unmanned Railway Crossing( near now decommissioned Brick Kiln ).From here to the site of Subji Mandi and onward to
Cantt. After the track was dismantled, it was converted to present day road on the same alignment.

Another poignant memory connected with Jalandhar- Nakodar Railway line is with the violent times of 1947 when India was divided along communal lines . At that time Garha was an important village of Jalandhar,with equal number of Majority and the now Minority communities. But for no fault of theirs, some people were forced to leave for Pakistan. During those shameful times of violence and insanity, a train would come on the Nakodar Line near " Ganda Nullah Railway Phatak" ( the now decommissioned Garha Disposal )Railway Crossing to take migrants to the newly created Pakistan . At that time, the now posh colony of Urban Estate Phase One, was agriculture fields sandwitched between Village Garha and Nakodar Railway Line. Hapless people would dart out, without any Govt protection, from Garha carrying their valuales. Their goal was to reach safety of the standing train. Mobsters and looters would lie in ambush . The mute agricultural fields were witness to the deadly game of senseless loot and killing and the supreme tragedy associated with India's Independence.

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