May 24, 2008

Jalandhar 's Local Train Network

All big cities require an efficient public transport system , be it local trains , local buses or Metro . Jalandhar lacks a local bus network . There is some talk of a Metro system which would take a lot of money and time to complete . However , Jalandhar is singularly blessed with an existing web of railway lines , which can be , with a little innovation and political will , developed into a convenient and workable local train network.

Six railway lines namely , Amritsar , Ludhiana , Jammu , Hoshiarpur , Ferozepur and Nakodar , pass through Jalandhar. These railway lines cover important parts of Jalandhar. With the advent of DEMU and EMU trains , Suburban Halts ( like in Mumbai ) can be set up at convenient places to help commuters of Jalandhar .

Local trains can start from Kartarpur ( Amritsar Line ) , Suchi Pind ( Pathankot Line ) , Phagwara ( Ludhiana Line ), Bolina ( Hoshiarpur Line ) Urban Estate/ Garha (Nakodar Line ) and Kapurthala ( Ferozepur Line ) . They would all converge at Jalandhar City Railway Station , at local train dedicated platforms . From Jalanhar City Main Railway Station these trains can return to to their originating station ( like a shuttle service ) .

From Jalandhar City Railway Station , a commuter can switch local trains to complete his journey. Example , a student living in Urban Estate and studying in Lovely Technical University , Chehru , can first take the Nakodar line train to Jalandhar Station . From there he can change to the returning Phagwara Local train .

No substantial capital investment is required and the Jalandhar Local Train network can start operations with in months of approval .

To begin with ,on the Nakodar line ,trains should HALT at Urban Estate(Garha.) .The now, decommissioned Garha Sewerage Disposal Site can be developed as an excellent local railway station.

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