May 21, 2008

Jullundur---Jalandhar Changing Fast--Very Fast

Jalandhar, like other prosperous cities of Punjab, is changing fast.Too fast for some
old timers to digest. Time was when for a romantic outing, Cinema Houses (Talkies) were sought after. Real estate boom and video-CD technology has forced the closure of old favorite cinema houses like ODEON (near Mai Hiran Gate), HARI PALACE
(near Bhagat Singh Chowk and Punj Peer Chowk) and CINE PAYAL (Nakodar Road).
SUTLEJ CINEMA (near Bus Stand)and PRITAM CINEMA in Basti Sheikh have, also, closed down.

COMPANY BAGH (named aftre the East India Company) was, in earlier time, heavily wooded,a favourite hideout for poets, romantics and all others seeking secrecy and solace. Over the period of time, its trees have thinned out. One land mark on its periphery (G.P.O. side) was the KAISER-E-HIND (Kesar Hind in popular parlance) CLUB, a very prestigious Club of pre-independence times (it has been relocated to Sehdev market). In its place came up CLOCK TOWER RESTAURANT. Sadly Clock Tower's like cinema houses became obsolete. Even this restaurant closed down.

Different Addas, for bus services like ADDA HOSHIARPUR, ADDA TANDA and ADDA BASTIYAN
have now become exotic names of busy commercial hubs. These days all bus services
start from the Main Bus Stand.

EKEHRI (meaning only one) PULLI and DOMORIA (meaning two sided) PULLI, the main under bridge linkage points on both sides of the railway line, are bidding their time till the modern fly over is inaugurated.

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