May 03, 2008

Sewerage Manhole Covers Antique Collectors' Dream !!!

We have heard of old currency notes , postage stamps , watches , weapons etc . commanding extra ordinary prices among collectors. But here is a wild card entry.

Original sewerage covers of Chandigarh appear to have fetched around Rs. 8 Lakhs among antique collectors in U.S.A. ( It is reported that in India they can still be had for around Rs. 12000/.)

These covers command demand as collectable art pieces because they carry the original site plan of Chandigarh on their iron covers . Besides , they were designed by Chandigarh's legendary Chief Architect and Designer Le Corbusier and his associate Pierre Jeanneret .

No wonder when a city's sewerage covers are so costly , the land rates in Chandigarh touch the sky.Original Chandigarh Plan on Manholeby gopal1035

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