June 27, 2008

Can Karat answer this question regarding Nuclear Deal ?

India's adversaries including China are lobbying hard to scuttle the Indo American Nuclear Deal of President Bush. Communists resident in India are also opposing it . Why is there a convergence of interests of India's opponents and Communists ?

We dare the Communists to answer this .

India did not win its freedom from the British so that certain elements could again mortgage India .

Jago India Jago

India is facing an energy crisis . Indo American Nuclear Deal could have paved the way for atomic power generation and checked long term speculation in oil markets . India lacks fossil fuels like oil and coal. Even former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has endorsed the nuclear deal as it would ensure supply of enriched uranium .

There is a saying in the World Bullion Markets --As long as there are monsoons and marriages in India ,the price of gold can not fall

Now, it is being said -- As long as there are Communists in power in India the price of crude oil can not fall .

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