June 13, 2008

Good Samaritans--We salute them

In the scorching summers , we spend thousands of ruppees on air-conditioners , generators , refrigerators etc.to keep ourselves cool and comfortable .
But great people are those who think and do something for the comfort of ordinary common Indians .
One such shining example of selfless good doers is to be found in Urban Estate , Phase One , Jalandhar , ( Back side of Hotel Golden View , on the road towards Park and Railway Phatak ) . The kothi owners have installed a new electric water cooler for providing free clean cold water to passers by . They have , also , put up a large garden umbrella so that the while quenching their thirst , people are protected from scorching heat .
We salute such selfless people who serve ordinary peeople .

by Gopal Aggarwal

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