June 02, 2008

Ipl 20T Matches--India clear winner

Although Rajasthan Royals may have clinched the Winner's Trophy in a nail biting finish , it is India which has emerged as a leader in the world of Cricket . IPL matches showcased to the world that India has come of age with its awesome clout . This is not the India of 20 years ago when it was in the world news more as a basket case asking for aid. IPL has done our nation proud.

India's monetary clout was self evident . Top cricketers of the world were here . Crores of Rupees were around for all to share . In the finals , a ten second commercial was priced at Rs.10Lakh .

It was a dream come true to see players from Pakistan playing with Indian players . We pray to God that this be the beginning of joint teams in many more sporting events and beyond sports . Cricket has paved the way these two great neighbours to show case their collective might . When Pakistan and India work to-gether the world would watch in awe .

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