June 18, 2008

Obscene Video Clips of Young Girls-To Trap Brides

With gender ratio having gone askew , Punjabi grooms and their families are having very tough times in getting pretty brides. There are very few girls .

One blackmailing tactic which is incresingly being used to force parents to agree to marriage of their daughters is to take obscene video clips of the unsuspecting girl , mainly on mobile phone and then threaten to expose it to others , especially to family of rival grooms .This trend is more observed among lower middle classes of Punjab .

But victims should not be scared or blackmailed . With the sotware for superimposing different faces on different bodies it can easily be said that the pictures are not authentic.

( In a true incident , the relatives of a victim created a computerised photo of the blackmailer with an embarrasing posture with a very delicate relation . The potential blackmailer wasd forced to rub his nose on the ground seeking forgiveness )

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