June 23, 2008

Share Market Crash Leaves Investors Depressed

There was a consistent bull run till Mid January . It kept the investors happy and carefree . After the Reliance Power listing , share markets have been sliding . Nearly 1/3 rd of the Record Highs have vanished .

This crash may have surprised many , mostly newcomers . But this is part of the cyclical phases of the share market . Only the reasons are different each time .This time the fall is severe because of the extra ordinary rise preceding it .

Play the game long term . Start picking up intrinsically strong shares . Take the crash as an opportunity to buy . Do not look for rates every day . Shares you buy to-day may fall 5% the next day . But one day they would start rising . When? We do not know . But rise they surely will .

( These views are based on the Editor's 30 years experience in the share markets )

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