July 07, 2008

Oppose Left Parties' Rallies

Dr. Man Mohan Singh , our beloved Prime Minister has staked his Post and his Govt. for the sake of the Nuclear Deal . He knows that India is facing an energy crisis and only atomic power can provide India with cheap and clean power .Dr. Man Mohan Singh is a true patriotic who has no desire for any post . His one and only concern is India .

Communists on the other hand are not bothered whether India remains deficient in power and thus trails behind China . Left's restrictive policies have shaved off many percentage points from India's G.D.P. growth ,besides causing the present day energy crisis and high oil prices .

High oil prices have led to the present double digit inflation . So Communists are directly responsible for the current inflation.

Left plans to hold farcical rallies against price rise . People should not be misled by Left's false propaganda. Communists duplicity should be exposed.

Nothing is above our India and our beloved Prime Minister has only India as his one point Agenda.

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