December 15, 2008

Gazette's History of Basti Danishmandan and Basti Sheikh ( Darwesh ), Jalandhar

The foundation of Basti Danishmandha is traced to the Mughal times when the descednats of Shaikh Yusaf (son of Mulana Ibrahim) settled in Jullundur in 1609 AD. They founded the settlement of Ibrahimpur, now known as Basti Danishmanda, named after Mulana's alias "Danishmand".

Sheikh Darwesh The Great-Great-Great Grandson of Sheikh Bazid I, also came from Kani Kurum to Jullundur in the time of Mughal Emperor Jahangir and in the year 1670 A.D. he founded Surajabad now known as Basti Sheikh.

The Mosque was built by him there in 1621 AD and his tomb adjoining it bears the date of 1694. He died in 1672 A.D.

Sheikh Darwesh had five sons:-: one by his first wife, born in Kani- Kuram before he came to Jullundur and younger four ones were born at Jullundur. One of them died issue less and many descendants of the sons continued to live in Basti Sheikh as the dominant political and social class. Around the beginning of 20 th century ,fifth to ninth generation of the founders were controlling these two Bastis.

There existed a " Firman" from Dara Shikoh of 1635 A.D. by which certain concessions were granted to Sheikh Dervesh and his relatives in appreciation of their foundation of " Surajabad ( Basti Sheikh ) Ibrahmpur ( Basti Danishmandan ) and Babapur ( Basti Babakhel which was a Barik Pathan foundation).

Around 1905 ,the Head of the Sheikhs of Basti Danishmandabn was Ghulam Mohi-ud-din , also known as Mian Baghe Khan , Honorary Magistrate and Zaildar.His nephew was Lambardar of Basti Danishmandan . Around 1905 the Head o descendants of Sheikh Darwesh was Pir Dad Khan, Pleader.

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