December 15, 2008

Indian Muslims

Indian Muslims are as nationalist and patriotic as any other .Their collective voice against terrorism would go a long way in helping counter so called religious terrorists who are no better than " thugs " and " pindaris " under the British rule. They were not labelled with any religion but simply "thugs "

In the aftermath of Pokhran II nuclear blasts when India faced foreign exchange crunch , it floated $ designated "India Resurgent Bonds" for subscription from N.R.I.s . It was , researched that bulk of the subscriptions came from Gulf N.R.I.s who are , mostly Indian Muslims . They had come to the rescue of their Motherland at its hour of need ( a la Bhama Shah and Maharana Partap ).

A very significant number of freedom fighters in the Revolt of 1857 and Netaji Subhash's Indian National Army ( I.N.A. ) were patriotic and nationalist Muslims .

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