December 21, 2008

Medical College & Hospital , ( Ganna Farm) , Jalandhar May Start Soon

From Jalandharphotos_Lyallpur_Khalsa_College_to_Bus_Stand_to_Medical_College
Some progress has been made to make the big time investment the Medical College/ Hospital start yielding beneficial results Jalandhar citizens.

Under public-private partnership scheme ,Punjab Govt. is actively considering a Rs 131 crore bid offered by a consortium of St.Joseph's Healthcare System ,U.S.A. and the NRI Academy of Sciences .

But, Punjab Congress President ,Mohinder Singh Kaypee has objected to this transfer of this project to semi private sector as this may deny Jalandhar citizens of affordable high quality medical health care.

The project was started under Optimum Utilisation of Vacant Government Land scheme whereby PUDA took over 120 acres of land ,in 1994 . Earlier, this land was utilised by Punjab Agriculture University as Sugar Cane Research Centre ,
(hence the name Ganna Farm ).

Around 61 acres was handed over to Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences for constructing a P.G.I. grade Medical College& Hospital. The civil construction contract was given the renowned construction company, Larsen & Toubro and around Rs 115 crores have been spent.

Opposition leaders point out that the Medical College has a bank balance of 90 crores and is yet to receive a further Rs 260 crores from PUDA ( from the sale proceeds of sale of commercial and residential plots in New Baradari ).Further, some more land of the Medical college can be sold . Land rates are very high around it. A few years ago Reliance Group bought a 3 acre plot for Rs.106 crores.

What ever may be the ultimate management control of the Medical College ,it should start functioning without any further delay.

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