December 29, 2008

Plot Un-approved Colonies on Hoshiarpur Road , Jalandhar Feel Cheated

Some unscrupulous colonisers sold plots in un-authorised colonies on the Hoshiarpur Road , Jalandhar near Villages Nangal Shama and Dakoha claiming those colonies to be approved . Further .plot holders were told that New Judicial Complex of Jalandhar and Urban Estate Phase III would come up in the vicinity . When these failed to materialise , property rates fell from Rs.2 Lakh per marla to Rs. 1 Lakh Marla. Buyers of plots at higher rates are feeling cheated.

Prospective Buyers of plots of private colonisers should check :-

(1) Check with PUDA , Jalandhar whether the colony is approved or not.

(2)Take from the coloniser copies of approvals from Government.

(3) A No Objection Certificate ( NOC) from Municipal Corporation , Jalandhar about the colony etc.

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