December 19, 2008

Property Dealer Cheats N.R.I. in Jalandhar

An unsuspecting N.R.I. has been defrauded by an unscrupulous property dealer regarding a high value deal of a house in the posh Urban Estate colony Jalandhar.The N.R.I. has lodged a complaint with Jalandhar N.R.I. Police station ( Incharge S.I. Karamvir Singh : A.S.I. Amarjit Singh ).

N.R.I.s are , also often , cheated by their relatives and friends , who back home sell their properties by misrepresenting both to buyers and Revenue authorities.

India's archaic Revenue and Land Registration laws ( some procedures date back to the times of Todar Mal - Akbar , and Registration Laws To British times ) need to be revamped .

At present , there is first Registration of Property with Sub Registrar and then Mutation either with Patwari or Municipal Committee . The sub Registrar is only concerned about proper stamp duty and has no means of ensuring the title details.

This procedure should be changed to :-

First Provisional Mutation ( valid for 15 days )

Next Registration

And , finally , Provisional Mutation upgraded to Permanent Mutation automatically with Registration

So, any defects in title would be exposed before and not after Registration .

Further ,NRIs should be allowed to put a FREEZE (like in Bank or Share Demat Accounts) with the concerned Patwari or Municipal Committee . This way no provisional mutation and unauthorised transaction could be made.

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