January 26, 2009

Ancestoral Haveli of Burki Pathans ( Maternal GrandparentsHome of PM Imran Khan )


Anonymous said...


The Haveli Picture (Guru Nanak College)

is the house of Burki Family then Commisioner Ahmed Hussan Khan father of Ahmed Raza Khan, Shaukat Khanum mother of World known Cricketier Imran Khan and Shaukat Khanum elder sister married to Lieut. General Wajid Khan Burki and their sons also top cricketier.

Zia ul Haq a stupid murderer father was living in a Hura as he was the Imam at Burkis Mosque at Basti Bawa Khel near Basti Daneshmandan. I was born 1940 in Basti Nau and only my grand father Nawab Khan and Ahmed Hussan Khan uncle Shah Zaman Khan owned whole Basti Nau. Shah Zaman Khan lived in a house made of old small bricks like a fort near our Mosque. This is the history of Basti Nau. Best regards Ather Khan

Anonymous said...

Wow interesting. I grew up in Jullundur City, and my father was a very powerful man in the then Lahore, the Financial Centre to the world. Yes, I am saying what I said. VERY powerful in the world of business and finance of course. Afghan Club (cricket) was of Imran Khan's uncle's before partition. Jahangir Khan? He was known as "Chirhimar" for his bowling ball killed a flying sparrow in cricket ground in England. Jullundur was a complete town or whatever. I could go on commenting to a length if I knew who I was talking to.
Lahore was headquarter, mark the word, Headquarter to more than 100 banks, as many insurance companies, two (not just one) Stock Exchanges, Forward Exchanges, Rinks, and you go on and on and on.
Let us hear if you wish sir. This would indeed be a pleasure.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

We are thrilled to read your comments Sir. Please continue to post your very informative posts .

Unknown said...

Mr. Ather Khan Sab. Let me hear your response, and of course, I had heard from my elders of all the Bastis around Jullundur City to be the home of the famous Khans, but being younger then I did not know much and do not even now. For example, I was just looking at the famous people, and the internet suggests Dr. Jahangir Khan was from Ludhiana and his famous son, Majid Khan I suppose too was born there.

I have very keen interest in the history and would indeed be pleased to hear from you. And all your family elders as well as you describe. One of the properties where the Law College was or still in Basti Nau is, was the property of the elders of Imran Khan or javed Burki I would not be sure of about. The photo is there as well.

please let me know more about your elders and I would know more. There is and still was one Chhota Sain Dass School in one of the Bstis and maybe that it the name change of the Islamia College or School as have turned out to be the Islamia School, Lahore for D.A.V. School in Lahore where perhaps the famous case, The Crown Vs. Sukhdev got ira origin or could be the D.A.V. College I do not know for sure.

With regards and greetings from Chandigarh,
Ravinder Sharma

Unknown said...

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal Sab:
Who is your comment addressed to please? To Khan Sab or who please?
Best regards,
Ravinder Sharma

Unknown said...

Aggarwal Sab, if I may hear please. Have you particulars of the Gentleman above as well please?
Ravinder Sharma

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Ravinder Sir ,

I will try to connect you to a person who knows more about it.

Regards ,

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

Unknown said...

Sure Aggarwal Sab:

I will be grateful indeed.

Ravinder Sharma

Anonymous said...

Hello This Ather Khan,

Ahmed Hassan Khan had three daughter Mubarak was married to Jahangir Khan, eldest to Lt. General Burki (Vice President of Pakistan) in General Ayub Khan Government in 1960's and Imran Khan mother was married out of burki family to Niazi family. Last time I forgot to mention that Ahmed Hassan Khan brother Ahmed Hussain Khan known as Kabulia had also House about 200 meters from our family house and uncle Wazir Khan House was near our grave yard and next to grave yard was Basti Guzhan. Basti Sheikh, Basti Guzhan, Basti Shah Quli, Basti Daneshmandan, Basti Baba Khel mostly inhabited by Pathan Tribes.

Here are couple of links which I searched for our two sons who are Swedes like their mother to know their Ancestor. I used often hear in my childhood that Jullundur water is from heavenly stream and all born here are most honest people.



Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Zenab Khan Sahib


We are thrilled to receive these treasure trove of information about Jalandhar's Pre -1947 History.

So is it that the Haveli shown in this Post belonged to the famous Burki family ( maternal grandfather , Nanaji of PM Imran Khan ) and not to Gen Zia 's parents?

Zenab Khan Sahib , please guide .


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Zenab Ather Khan Sahib and Ravinder Sharma Sir.

Please share of your email addresses or send them to mine


Regards to both .

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

We are hoping for a very open relationship between Pakistan and India. It was a divine experience to see , some time back ,Pakistani cricketers play in joint teams in IPL 20 :20 matches.

Pakistan and India have so much in common. With due respect to their proud national identities, both countries have the closest historical, cultural, geographic,social, religious and linguistic bonds .

Still, we treat each other with so much suspicion . We may place our trusts in very distinct people but we do not have confidence in each other.


We are reminded of a famous dialogue from the blockbuster Indian film " Pakeezah" when the bold and fearless Raj Kumar faces the ire of a cautious Hakim Sahib ( Sapru ) for giving shelter to Meena Kumari.

Hakim Sahib : Doodh Ka Jala Chhachh Bhi Phook Phook Kar Pita Hai


Unknown said...

Ather Khan Sab,
I missed yours somehow and wonder how and why.
Please let me know more about yourself, I mean some contact other than this one. We may have a lot to speak about together. I have appreciated your information here. And perhaps, there were 7 Bastis around Jullundur you counted. And all inhibited by Pathans.

I read somewhere Imran Khan's mother, late Shaukat Begum perhaps was from Malerkotla (still Muslim dominated area as none went to Pakistan at the time of partition) and his from Mian Wali. This is too confusing, and everyone referred to your PM Imran Khan's being from Jullundur itself. And how come the Internet tells, Jahangir Khan to be from Ludhiana not Jullundur? A bit too confusing sadly.

You counted all those bastis like, Basti Guzhan. Basti Sheikh, Basti Guzhan, Basti Shah Quli, Basti Daneshmandan, Basti Baba Khel. Except yours, Basti Nau. It makes 7 in all. Wow wonderful I am too.

I can tender my e-mail address on request so I am sure.

I'll await,
Ravinder Sharma

I will appreciate some kind of a direct contact if possible.