January 14, 2009

Army Exhibition at Katoch Standium Jalandhar Cantt

From Know_Your_Army_2009_Jalandhar_Cantt by aggarwal
Lt. Gen.V.S. Tonk, GOC Vajra Corp inaugurated on 13-01-2009 " Know Indian Army" exhibition at Katoch Stadium , Jalandhar Cantt. Defence equipment from small arms and rifles to Heavy Artillery guns ( 155 mm) and Tanks ( T 55) were displayed for general public. Civilians enjoyed holding equipment like sniper rifles , turning the barrel of a field gun or simply getting inside a tank.

The exhibition concluded on 14-01-2009 by a splendid display by Army's dog squad " Silent Warriors". These superbly trained dogs climbed ladders, jumped through fire rings, caught intruders, sniffed explosives and anti personnel mines.

A majestic band display was given by the smartly attired Band team of Sikh Li and concluded by playing the tune of " Saare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara ".

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