January 14, 2009

" Do Not Marry Daughters Abroad "

Community leaders abroad, like Harbans Singh Jandiali , general secretary , management committee, Dixy ( Canada ) has warned Punjabis against marrying their daughters abroad.

Many innocent Punjabi girls are forced to marry at times many times married grooms double or even treble their age. There is immense family pressure on these hapless girls as unscrupulous grooms promise migration to relatives of the bride. Once taken abroad many such "brides " are forced to do difficult job in factories and stores and money taken by in laws. Many are beaten and physically abused. It is form of modern day slavery and many so called marriages are mere euphemism for human trafficking

Punjabis settled in Canada has given a call to Punjabis a Lohri message ( which is , now, celebrated on the birth of the girl child also ) " If you value your daughter enough enough, Do NOT MARRY HER ABROAD "

A Punjabi girl, in her early twenties , was murdered by her father-in -law in Toronto on New Year Day. After her death her parents in India were not informed. It was only after insurance agencies and police made enquiries that her parents in India came to know of her un-natural death . She was being badly treated by her in- laws . She bore all excesses as her in- laws had promised to call her parents to Canada.

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