February 13, 2009

Ace Pigeon Sportsman Sarwan Singh Honoured

India's renowned pigeon sportsman ( kabootar Bazi), Jalandhar based Sarwan Singh has been, again, declared World Champion.

Sarwan Singh was honoured for this achievement by the founder of Shri Shri Gyan Vikas Kendra Guru Sudarshan and Mata Vimmie.

Kabootar bazi was a very popular sport before partition. Mohalla teams played it from their roof tops. Idea was to get one's pigeons mixed up, while flying in flocks in the high sky, with those of the other team . Some pigeons would get confused and would return to the " of the rival team.

It is said that many times it became a prestige issue for the loser to get back his pigeons at any cost.

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