February 14, 2009

" Mian Sahib"- The Great Pir of Basti Danishmandan, Jalandhar

Mian Sahib, the great legendary Pir of Basti Danishmandan was revered by all communites. Devotees would often ask for a wish and if fulfilled would get a floral design ( boota ) carved. Of the many legends associated with this Pir Baba, here is one :-

When Mian Sahib was young he seved his senior Pir with legendary devotion. Once, the senior Pir went to visit a nearby village of Safipur- Changi. There the senior Pir expressed a desire for having boiled rice for his meal. But it started raining there and it seemed very difficult to procure boiled rice locally. Not to deny his master's wish , Mian Sahib ran back to Basti Danishmandan. From there he carried on his head, all the way to Safipur, a Anghiti ( coal fired stove ) burning with a pot of rice cooking on it.

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