March 24, 2009

Jullundur Gymkhana Club and Top District Officials

These days Jullundur Gymkhana is in the news regarding the termination notices to some member / members.

This has, also, brought to focus the role top District Officials ( IAS cadre ) like Commissioner, Jalandhar Range and Deputy Commissioner should play in the affairs of club like Jullundur Gymkhana.

Post independence ethos and values tend to indicate that there is no big general public's interest involved in these clubs which may merit the attention or involvement of elite first class IAS officers.

Further, the Club should reorient it self in the new Independent India environment. It should pay its lease in keeping with present land rates. Some part of the club land land should be allowed for free use by non members i.e. general public of Jalandhar.

Let us show that the country has, truly, become independent.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The views are same as mine and shared with Ashwani long time back.
Playgrounds like gymkhanas built on public land make mockery of Public which is finding hard to survive.
5 stars rating.