April 08, 2009

1984--Mass Murder of Fellow Indians

In India there is a " Rule of Law ". Even if there is one cold blooded / blind murder or any un natural death, all efforts are made to book the culprits. In 1984, in Delhi alone, more than 3000 peaceful, patriotic and law abiding fellow Indians were brutally done to death in open. All that the law agencies have come out with is " insufficient evidence "!. When there was a terrorist attack on the Parliament ,army commandos were on the scene within MINUTES. When , in 1984 , innocents were being butchered in the streets of Delhi for THREE DAYS, no body gave orders to the army, which is also garrisoned in the Red Fort ( i.e. in the centre of Delhi )

Had there been, in 1984, a pro-active and fearless electronic media as we have now, with live T.V. coverage, then the culprits would surely have been booked.Their live coverage would have aroused the conscience of the common man, i.e. the Non- VIP mass of patriotic Indians. God bless India's electronic media and their brave correspondents who risk their lives . They have become the conscience keepers of our great Nation.

Even mobile cameras are, now, helping greatly in checking the tyranny of the " powers that are " .

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