April 06, 2009

Heavy Rains- Crop Damage & Traffic Jams on G.T. Road-Accident Prone Circumstances

Jalandhar and its surrounding areas , in the evening today , witnessed a sudden and heavy downpour accompanied by heavy winds. This has caused extensive damage to the ready for harvest wheat crop.

On the G.T. Road ( Jalandhar- Phagwara ) there were big traffic jams in the day. After the rains, water on the roads made them very slippery and a big reduction in braking capability.

Yours truly, thanks God Almighty , his wife who was driving, his son Keshav,who immediately swung into action, his other relatives, friends , all the readers of this Blog and other well wishers for ensuring his total and miraculous safety when the vehicle he was travelling in got involved in a collision ( three vehicles applying brakes simultaneously on a very slippery road ).

Wearing of the seat belt proved very crucial, especially for a handicapped person.

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