April 18, 2009

Jazia on Sikhs in Pakistan !

We are shocked to learn of imposition of Jazia tax on Sikhs in Taliban controlled Pakistan ( mainly NWFP ) . In fact the entire resurgence of extremism in Afghanistan - Pakistan border belt is an action replay of history when many invaders marched through the Kyber Pass into India ( including Pakistan Punjab ).

The only time these restless areas were effectively subdued were when they were governed by the legendary General Hari Singh Nalwa under Shere-e-Punjab -Maharaja Ranjit Singh . In fact, the famous dialogue of Gabbar Singh in film Sholay :- " So Ja Bete Nahin To Gabbar Aa Jaye Ga " is originally about Gen. Nalwa. Afghan mothers would scare their infants by warning ' Khufta Shu-Aamad Baba Haria ).

( It is a matter of great pride for Indians that the legendary General Hari Singh Nalwa is great great grand father of Abhinav Bindra 's mother . Abhinav Bindra is the winner of Beijing Olympics Gold Medal in Shooting. )

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