May 31, 2009

Appoint Commission of Enquiry to Investigate Jalandhar Riots

A high level Enquiry Commission should immediately be appointed by the Government to sincerely and impartially investigate the recent " Jalandhar Riots " and fix responsibility. It is very important that such sad incidents do not ever repeat. With any delay in conducting the investigation crucial evidence tends to gets lost.

All public members should be allowed and , in fact encouraged ,to give evidence. A large amount of evidence is with people, especially riot victims , in the form of video / CCTV recordings, photographs and mobile phone pictures.All evidence should be properly acknowledged ( as per judicial process ).Cases against arsonists should be tried in a fast track court and punishments given according to the law of the land.

There should be no interference on political expediency or communal lines. Arson and mob violence are law and order issues. The message that no body is above law should go out loud and clear.

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