May 29, 2009

Avoidable Damage to Public and Private Property

A couple of days ago while moving on the GT Road from Rama Mandi to Phagwara there was the terrible sight of burnt numerous buses and other vehicles at regular intervals. On the Jalandhar Cantt railway station a full burnt train ( probably of Jammu Tawi- Kanyakumari Express) stands on a siding. Nearly all the car showrooms etc.along this route were targets of this widespread arson.

This senseless damage of public and private property serves absolutely no purpose.Lumpen elements come out and exploit the situation Strict action should be taken against the arsonists.

There should a rapid reaction and preventive emergency security measures put into place by the District Administration to nip in the initial stage the mob violence. Law enforcing agencies should not wait for the situation to deteriorate to justify stricter measures or calling out of the paramilitary / army.

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