May 01, 2009

Leading Doctors Attend Seminar on IVF ( Fertility )

Indian Medical Council ( IMA ) conducted a seminar on IVF ( artificial fertility ) techniques at Hotel Regent Park Jalandhar. The seminar was sponsored by Virk Hospital. The chief speaker was Dr. Gautam who gave information about the latest techniques ( Low- Dose Stimulation ) which have brought the test tube baby within the reach of ordinary people. Guests and participants were welcomed by President IMA ( Jalandhar Distt ) Dr. Yogeshwar Sood . It was chaired by State President Dr. Yash Sharma.

In the opening session of the seminar Dr. SPS Grover and Dr. Anupam Chopra and Dr. Sushma Chawla spoke. In the subsequent session , Dr. Pritish Naik, Dr. Paramjit Bakshi, Dr. Rajiv Sood and Dr. Kamal Gupta addressed.

Dr. Ashwani Suri, Dr. Davinder ,Dr. Sonia Kamboj, Dr. Kumud Pasricha, Dr. Ritu Nanda, Dr. Kashmiri Lal, Dr. Chander Mohan, Dr. Amarjit Singh, Dr. Jasmeen Kaur, Dr. Sabeena Bakshi, Dr. Ameeta Sharma, Dr. SPS Virk, Dr. Vijay Mahajan, Dr. Bharat Bhaushan, Dr. Puneet Pasricha, Dr. Gurvinder Singh Jammu, Dr. Mukesh Gupta, Dr. Ranbir Singh, Dr. Rajiv Sood, Dr. Balraj Gupta, Dr. Shingara Singh, Dr. Lakhvinder Singh, Dr. Navjot Singh , Dr. Dheeraj Bhatia were among the many prominent doctors who graced the occasion.

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