May 06, 2009

NRI Dumped Indian " Wives"- Indian Govt. Mulls Strict Laws

Deeply concerned about the plight of Indian girls who have been dumped by their NRI husbands and to provide relief to hapless Indian brides suffering helplessly in foreign lands, Govt. of India is coming out with various measures in this regard :-

The Law Commission headed by Justice AR Lakshmanan, in its 219 th report has proposed :-

1) Compulsory registration of marriage where one of the spouses is a NRI.

2) Submission of these Marriage documents to the relevant Embassy in India of the country where NRI resides.

3) Creation of Fast Track courts in India to try NRI matrimonial / succession cases.

4) Uniform law regarding the adoption of Indian children by NRIs and simplification of inter country child adoption procedures.

5) Amendment of the Marriage Laws to provide for maintenance , alimony etc, for Indian brides.

Union Ministry of Women and Child Development and Union Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has , further, recommended that there should be a special mention of the Marriage details ( including Registration ) on the Passports and no visa should be given in the absence of these details.

National Commission for Women 's chairperson , Girija Vyas has expressed deep concern at the plight of many Indian brides trapped in fraudulent NRI marriages.

The implementation of these measures would prevent NRIs from entering in to fraudulent marriages. Some NRIs go in for a "holiday marriage " while visiting India. Dowry is an additional free gift apart from the girl.Then these NRIs return leaving their " wives " with fake promises of calling them later. These dumped wives have no financial resources and are many a time pregnant or with children.

Many NRIs go in for multiple marriages to have a free domestic help in foreign lands where maids are unavailable. There have been reports of Indian brides being forced o take up hazardous jobs to provide for the NRI groom's family. There is widespread domestic violence and sexual abuse within and out side the family. All this goes unreported as Indian brides are pliant, their parents financially weak and lack of knowledge of local language and laws.

It is strongly recommended that Indian embassies should extend all help to such unfortunate Indian brides.

Helpline For NRI Deserted Girls

Deputy CM Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal , taking serous note of the Fraudulent NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) Marriages ( Multiple Marriages , Holiday / Pleasure Marriages , Desertion of so called Wives and Their Children ) has started a Helpline

The Telephone Number of this Helpline is :-

0181 - 2221645


For Assistance Contact :-

Overseas Workers ' Resource Centre ,
Number Accessible From Mobile And Landline any where in the world


Toll Free Number

( from BSNL - MTNL Landline ) : 1800-11-3090

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs ( MOIA )
Government of India


This Online Service is provided by the National Commission for Women (NCW) to register online complaints/ grievances against Non-Resident Indians (NRI) regarding domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, deprivation, gender discrimination, sexual harassment at work place, etc. The complainants/ users can register/ lodge their complaints by filling an Online Form wherein they are required to provide details of the Complainant; Details of the Victim including Victims current address; Respondents details including current address and address in India; & the Complaint details including the date of incident; complaint type and the brief/ gist of the complaint, to facilitate further action by the Commission.


Government of India is taking strict action against fraudulent Marriages by Non Resident Indians who indulge in multiple / holiday marriages with  Indian girls.

Register such cases with :-

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
National Comission for Women

Fraudulent Marriages Victims Please click   ;-

email :,in


Also click :-


Anonymous said...

Women in India are too smart these days. They marry to immigrate or for money and are very quick to dump their husband and demand alimony or else they will threaten under section 498! This is a real truth so BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand people from abroad NRIs are oversmart too they understand how to manupilate and exploit the innocent girls. So beware of that too!!! Hail to new NRI cell they deserve to be left with the key to be lost.