May 30, 2009

Tsunami From Austria - Is it History Repeating ?

When an under sea earthquake happened in 2004 near Indonesia it went all the way to South Indian Coast to wreck havoc on the coast lines there. Now, in 2009, violence in Vienna causes a catastrophe thousands of miles away in Jalandhar-Punjab-India.

History students associate Vienna ( Austria ) with the renowned 19 th century Machiavellian Austrian Chancellor Metternich, the "Coachman of Europe " . Well, Vienna was ,also , the home town of the most famous or infamous " German " of 20 th century - Adolf Hitler .

The closest historical incident to the present Jalandhar situation is the assassination on 28 th June 1914 in Sarajevo ( Balkans Yugoslavia , then under Austria - Hungary Empire ) of Austria Hungary's Archduke Franz Ferdinand ( heir apparent ) and his family members by Princip and other extremists. Well the Tsunami then unleashed was World War I ( 1914- 1918 ).

In 2009, it is Jalandhar which started burning from a trigger in Austria.

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