May 25, 2009

Violence Escalates in Jalandhar- Other Parts of Punjab

Today ( 25-05-09 )is a traumatic day for Jalandhar. Arson and violent protests are continuing, Purposeless damage to Govt. property is being caused. Particularly senseless is burning of trains and public transport buses. People have taken to the streets wielding lathis and naked swords. Curfew has been imposed. Para military outfits like BSF and some army infantry units have been called out.Police vans including those of very senior IPS officers have been attacked. If the situation deteriorates further there may be Shoot at Sight orders.

Many anti social and lumpen elements masquerading as protesters have taken over. All these actions are causing great inconvenience to the common man and bringing a very bad name to the perpetrators.

There is no traffic moving on roads . All entries roads to Jalandhar, including GT Road , are blocked. Lahore - Delhi bus has , also, been stopped by the police as a precautionary measure and taken to a safe place.

A meeting of Guru Ravi Dass followers is being held at 1 PM at Dera Sachkhand Ballan whose Sants were victims at the Guru Ravi Dass Gurudwara in Vienna ( Austria ).The Dera chief Sant Baba Niranjan Dass is undergoing treatment in Vienna. Sant Ramanand has succumbed to his injuries.

Followers of the Dera are agitated over the attack in Vienna and the death of Sant Ramanand. Yesterday evening cable TV channels had reported that both the Sants were out of danger.When news of death of Sant Ramanand was reported , his followers took to violent protests.

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