June 07, 2009

Ace Swindler Ashok Jadeja Cheats Rs. 2.5 crore From Jalandhar Residents

" Super Thug " Ashok Jadeja of Ahmedabad is India's Charles Ponzi. The trick of the trade is same. Initially, win over the confidence of people by handing out massive and unrealistically high returns. Then more people will come with more money. Pay old " investors " from current " collections" and en cash on people's keen desire for making quick and easy money . In the end, decamp with the booty leaving unfortunate ( mainly recent investors ) high and dry. Charles Ponzi did in in the USA . Ashok Jadeja does it in India. Ashok Jadeja's trick had a unique religious touch. He acted as if Mother Goddess ( Jai Mata Di ) had trebled investors' money. Jadeja , thus , did not even spare the Gods.

Ashok Jadeja , unfortunately, had a branch office in Jalandhar as well.People from Lower Income Group from Indira Colony, Domoria Pull, Rama Mandi etc. had invested with Jadeja & Co.( Limited - Conscience )H.O.- Ahmedabad. These people are mainly from " Sansi " community. These poor and illiterate people had sold their meagre belongings and mortgaged every thing they had to raise cash.Their plight is, truly , pathetic.

Reshma " Pradhan " is taking up their cases with the police authorities.

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