June 03, 2009

Anger against Events in Australia and Pakistan

Jalandhar residents are furious at racial attacks on Indians in Australia. India contributes billions of dollars by way of Indian students' fee payments. Australian cricketers like Shane Warne of IPL team " Rajasthan Royals "are making piles in India related cricket fixtures.

In Pakistan the release of ace terrorist, Saeed Hafiz has made people of Jalandhar seething with anger.

People consider Hafiz's release as an act of ingratitude by Pakistan for India's gesture of helping Pakistan in its hour of need. When Pakistan faced annihilation by Taliban insurgents, India allowed Pakistan to move troops from Indian border to the west to facilitate counter insurgency operations in Swat etc.

Pakistan seems to have two sets of criteria. One for USA centric terrorists ( Taliban / Al-Qaeda ) and another for India ( Kashmir ) centric terrorists like Hafiz. Would Pakistan have acted in a similar manner with a USA centric top notch terrorist. It seems that fossilised anti India mind sets have not changed in Paskistan's administration.

By blaming India for not providing adequate evidence, Pakistan is adding insult to injury.

It is very strange that a country which cannot protect its own people from extremists inits awn areas like Swat is seeking to be a saviour for the people of Kashmir.

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