June 01, 2009

Communal Harmony & Law and Order in Punjab- Paramount Duty of All

It is the duty of Govt. that all Punjabis should feel that they are being treated fairly and equally. Recent times have been traumatic for Punjab . But every Punjabi should act with restraint.No body should be allowed to take law into his hands. This a democractic set up where there are ample peaceful means of expressing and registering protest.No segment of the great Punjabi society should get any feeling of unfair treatment.

Due process of law should not be interfered with on any ground. If any body has suffered damage he should be honourably compensated. Govt. of India should actively pursue with the country concerned the apprehension of culprits and the speedy trial of criminals in foreign countries.Our intelligence agencies both external ( RAW ) and internal ( IB) should be strengthened . Every community should feel respected and secure.

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