June 08, 2009

Effigy of Sharad Yadav Burnt at Congress Bhawan, Jalandhar

The Mahila Wing of Congress conducted a mock funeral at Congress Bhavan, Jalandhar, of Sharad Yadav a MP from Bihar. Sharad Yadav is opposing Women's Reservation Bill. Sharad Yadav had threatened " to take poison ". In the speeches made at the " funeral " Sharad Yadav was accused of being against gender equality and one who had a fossilised feudal mindset.

A Punjabi style " Siappaa " ( vociferous wailing ) was done. This was followed by burning of Sharad Yadav's effigy.

People at the " funeral " demanded a registration of case against Sharad Yadav for threatening suicide. For evidence they carried CD of Yadav's speech in the Parliament where he threatened to take poison. Legal experts are of the opinion that this suicide threat is a cognizable offence under the Indian Penal Code

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