June 28, 2009

Emergency Electricity Measures - New Punjab Govt. Office Timings- 7.30- 1.30

Punjab Govt. has announced drastic measures to conserve electricity which it is diverting for supply to agriculturists:-

From Monday Punjab Government Offices would function from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm ( currently these function from 9 am to 5pm ( with a lunch break )

All shops , business establishments , Malls , Restaurants etc. would close by 7.30 pm

With this move , differences seems have been created between urban and rural ( farmers ) consumers of electricity. Denying industries electricity would be financially unwise for state finances. Govt. realises nearly all its revenues from the commercial sector. It then uses these finances to subsidise farmers by way of free electricity , water etc. By choking commercial activities Govt may find it difficult to get the required funds.

Non farmer consumers of electricity are feeling very agitated and exploited by this dual policy . Paid consumers pay nearly Rs. 5 pr unit. They are facing 10- 14 hours power cuts.

Such discrimination seems to be worse than Talibani policies of imposing " Jazia " on Sikhs In Pakistan.

Paid consumers' patience seems to be running out. They also are starting to demand free " bijli " and " paani ". It seems that a " satyagraha " on Gandhian lines, for equal treatment between urban and rural ; between farmers and non farmers seems likely. No segment of the society should feel exploited or be recipient of dual standards.

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